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Quilt Block

Cross and Crown Quilt Tutorial

The bedspreads are charming to look at, have and make. In past generations, the quilt was one of the first things many young women...

A Beautiful Fantail Baby Dress

Crochet requires a lot of dedication and technique, it's not a great thing for a long time. Today crochet has become a vintage piece...

Christmas Star Quilting

The Christmas Star Quilt is essential for those who love to decorate their home for Christmas, especially for room decoration. This is because the...

Nordic Heart Quilt Block

Today you will learn how to make this beautiful Nordic Heart Quilt Block. If you want to learn more about this Quilt, just read...

Morning Star Quilt

Learn how to make a patchwork quilt from Missouri Star Company. Would you like to have a large machine to stitch quilts so you...

Midnight Star Quilt Pattern

Free Quilts: Uncovering Secrets. Hello how are you? Just like you, I am a lover of Quilt art and I look forward to sharing...