Mystical Lantern Pattern

To add colors and creativity using leftovers

Hi my fellow crocheters, how is your week going? Everything according to plan or changes necessary at the moment? Hope that regardless of the rhythm of your week, you are doing fine, and if not, I am sure things are about to get better. Today, I bring you an idea that allows so many possibilities and it is very accessible to create it. The results will astound you, is the Mystical Lantern Pattern.

I think the name is self-explanatory, right? Because, as the final result you will get a beautiful design that actually reminds you of those Turkish lanterns. I am not sure if you guys know what a Turkish lantern is, so I added a picture below. Also, as you compare the pattern and the object itself, you can clearly see what I am talking about.

This recipe is a great opportunity to put those leftovers you must have some place around your house to use.  Sometimes, we get stuck with small quantities of yarns, if you are like me, feel sorry to throw them away, and yet these quantities are not enough to create a piece. So this is a nice way, avoiding waste and coming up with a unique piece at the same time.

For this project, you will need your usual pair of scissors, a hook and your chosen wools. Remembering you guys that, part of the charm of this pattern is the colors of the yarns you are using. The more color, the more contrast your wools have, the more effect and impact you will have when your piece is completed. 

If you, as me, got mesmerized by this pattern, you can go to Crochet Websites and check the tutorial, including a video, and more ideas that can improve your creations. Have a nice Wednesday everybody!

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