Lotuses Dress

Good afternoon my dear friends, how have you been doing? How is your week so far? Do you realize we have reached the end of August? What is the balance of this month? Was it productive and full of ideas? Or was it a month of reflection, time to give it a break and a deep breath? Regardless, I hope your September will be even better than August.

Talking about the end of August, we are reaching the end of the Summer as well, in a few weeks. But, while we still have some days of Summer, why don’t you check this beautiful Summer dress? It is called Lotuses dress due the lotus flowers we can see in the pattern. 

This dress is perfect for cocktail parties, fresh and light it is great for sunset moments too. Here, the colors play a big part in the final result. Because we have the flowers within the pattern, it is important to use different yarn colors. You can use multiple shades of one color, creating a monochromatic look. If you want to create a more cheerful piece, you cannot go wrong with bright color combinations, such as red and blue or pink and yellow. 

Once you have chosen the colors, grab a 1mm hook. This dress requires thin stitches, so the final result is a delicate piece.  Also, pick light and washable yarns, fitting with the Summer weather. This is an advanced pattern, and if you have even more developed skills, you can try a model with long sleeves or no sleeves at all as for modifications. 

Did I manage to get you excited to give this dress a try? I hope so, because here, at Ravelry you can find more pictures and a tutorial available, guiding you through the making process. I am sure it will make your life much easier. Have a great day and a blessed week. I see you guys in our next crochet project, for now, bye-bye!