Winter has come and it is still around us. Today we bring you an idea that fits beginners recipe, winter charm and practicality. Do you see this tale aurea around? This crochet idea might remind you of Little Red Riding Hood. Today we present you the Cozy Crochet Ribbed Hood. A beginner recipe that will make you like a pro!

This suggestion is versatile, but always pay attention to the yarn you will use with this hood. It is important to make it as comfortable as possible. For that, give preference to very soft and smooth yarns. The dyeing of the yarn might interfere in the softness, so be careful about it. Usually, darker colors and cheaper yarns tend to be rougher.

You can adapt this recipe for different sizes, creating these cozy crochet ribbed hoods for children to adults. As said before, the color can have an impact on the quality of the yarn. Since these hoods are more like an accessory than the look itself, it is nice to opt for neutral colors. For children and teens, you can try some colors less neutral, but keeping them pastel shades is a good way to go.

For this hoodie, you will need:

  • Your hook of preference
  • A soft and smooth yarn
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin

We already have an ear warmer recipe here at the blog. However, we can present more ideas like that, maybe a tiara? What do you think? Would like it? Tell me in the comments.  

Did you like the idea? Here are Yarnspirations you can download the detailed step-by-step tutorial and more material suggestions, like the best yarn brands to use to make an even cozier hoodie, enjoy it. Let me know how your creations were!!

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