Crochet requires a lot of dedication and technique, it’s not a great thing for a long time. Today crochet has become a vintage piece with a lot of personality and style for everyone around the world. Who doesn’t love those beautiful handmade pieces.

It is always fashionable and feverish in many regions, here you will find many models that are on the rise and will learn how to make a crochet dress.

So Curious To Know What We Will Do Today? Then I Present The Fantail Baby Dress !! A Beautiful A Beautiful Fantail Baby Dress !!

The Fantail Baby Dress is very chic. A Beautiful Children’s Crochet Dress, A Headband And A Sandal That Can Be Used For Rides, To Go To The Playground, To Go To School And Many Other Occasions.
If you are not familiar with crochet, you can see the price of these items on the internet. There are many online stores that sell wonderful models at a very affordable price.
This Fantail Baby Dress Is A Beautiful Gift For Your Children, Imagine They Wearing This Beautiful And Colorful Crochet Dress Along With This Colorful Sandal As They Play On The Playground With Their Friends, Would It Be Amazing?
So what do you guys think? Want To Hold To Make This Lovely Fantail Baby Dress? So Come on, Get Your Needle And Your Stuff And Let’s Start Our Tutorial !! The default written only exists in ETSY


°   chain

  • slip stitch

x   single crochet

I   half double crochet

½  double crochet

V  two double crochet together in the same stitch


Continued as PART 1.



Credits: yourcrochet
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