Fleur Motif a beautiful and very simple colored motif that has a very delicate and charming final result that will give an incredible touch to your piece. Perfect to make the environment very cozy. Comfortable and beautiful it is very easy to do, which helps a lot too. This craft technique is very useful for decorative pieces that complete the look of the house in an incredible way!

With beautiful color it is a perfect piece to decorate the environment for having stylish and very charming colors that will give an incredible touch to any piece. Fleur Motif has several incredible colors. It is only a suggestion the choice of colors is up to your taste and according to your decor to leave the environment elegant.

A simple job, but with a worthwhile result, believe me. Often the mixture of colors can be fun and interesting, leaving your room cheerful, stylish and cozy. This work is simple and has a very delicate design and beautiful finish.

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Fleur Motif

Pattern/Images/Tutorial By: Poppy And Bliss

Size:  aprox 7 cm (3 inches)

What you’ll need:

  • 8ply cotton in 2 colours
  • 3.5mm hook

US terms used 


ch       chain

dc       double crochet

hdc     half double crochet

sl st   slip stitch

sp       space

tr        treble crochet

yo      yarn over

Special Stitches Used:


  • yo, insert hook into ring and draw up loop,
  • yo draw through 2 loops (2 loops on hook),
  • yo, insert hook into ring, yo, draw up loop (4 loops on hook),
  • yo, draw through 2 loops,
  • yo, draw through remaining 3 loops on hook



Using contrast colour make a magic ring (or ch 3 and join with a sl st)

Round 1:

  • Ch 3, dc 1, ch 1, 2dc cluster, ch 3 (corner space)
  • *2dc cluster, ch 1, 2dc cluster, ch 3
  • repeat from * twice more
  • Join with a sl st into top of starting ch3

 Round 2:

  • Sl st over and into to next ch 1 sp
  • *[2 dc,3 tr, 2 dc] into next ch 3 sp
  • sl st into next ch 1 sp **
  • Repeat from * to ** 3 more times, working the last sl st into the top of the first
  • Fasten off

Round 3:  Note – all stitches in this round are worked into back loop only

  • Join White yarn into the centre st of any corner from previous round
  • (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) into same stitch
  • dc into next 3 sts , tr down into the ch 1 sp below in Round 1, dc  into next 3 sts
  • *(3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) , dc  into next 3 sts, tr into ch 1 sp below in Round 1, dc  into next 3 sts
  • Repeat from * twice
  • Join with sl st into top of first ch 3.  Fasten off

Round 4:  

  • Join contrast colour into any corner space
  • [ch 2, 2 hdc] into same space
  • hdc into next 13 sts
  • *3 hdc into corner sp, hdc 13
  • Repeat from * to end
  • Join with a sl st into top of first ch 2.   Fasten off


Our Crew Opinion About This Piece

The Fleur Motif is a very beautiful and charming piece that will help you assemble several perfect pieces with an incredible and very charming touch. The Fleur Motif is colorful and stylish, it can be a very great touch to your piece that’ll leave everyone amazed.

So, do you want to make this wonderful Fleur Motif? So get your tools, your stuff and leave everything separate, that way you won’t have any problems, just follow the tutorial and make this beautiful motif !! We appreciate your visit on our website, we are sure that you will love it.

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