In those days off, nothing better than being able to spend time outside the house, right? And for those who have a larger outdoor area with a pool and garden, there is a piece of furniture that cannot be missing to compose these spaces, the sun lounger chair. For you who love this furniture, but have doubts on how to choose the best to decorate your home, check out our tips on deck chairs in this post and make your outdoor area even more beautiful and cozy here you will also learn how to make beautiful Quilted Leaves and Wall Hanging Logs. Using the sun lounger chair is very easy, because basically it is in environments such as the terrace, pool area, balcony or garden and besides giving a touch of personality to the space it also provides more comfort for those who are in these environments relaxing or reading a book.

However, the lounger chair can be found in many ways on the market, some are made of wood, have plastic, iron and even the folding lounger and the main rule for choosing the ideal model for your environment is to know the style of decoration of the space where the sun lounger chair will be in addition to choosing a model that is proportional to the area, so pay attention to these details.

The wooden lounger is a classic in the decoration of balconies and gardens and because it is a timeless piece, the wooden lounger combines with virtually all styles of decoration, in addition to bringing a charming touch to the environment making everything more comfortable.

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However, the wooden lounger needs some care to be used in the external area that has no cover, after all, the wood can end up rotting and fading, so always choose a good quality and very resistant piece, it is also important to observe the if the wooden lounger has received the proper treatment with varnish and products that will protect the wood from moisture and excess sunlight, which are the biggest reasons for the wood to spoil. The wooden deck chair in natural color is classic and very sophisticated, however, it is also possible to choose painted models, great for adding a touch of color to the environment. Everyone likes a comfortable place to rest, don’t they.

And nothing better than an upholstered lounge chair to provide that delicious feeling of comfort in a relaxing environment. The upholstered lounger can be made of various materials such as wood, iron or even a plastic lounger, but to make it more comfortable the lounger can be upholstered in the most diverse materials such as leather, nylon and others. If it’s a pool lounger, the most interesting thing is that the upholstery material is the easiest to clean, like leather, for example, if it’s a lounger that will stay in covered and moisture-free environments, you can use practically all types of materials for upholstery like wool, linen, cotton among others, this is up to you.

Undoubtedly the sun lounger chair is more used in the pool area, after all, we all love spending hours relaxing on a sunny day by the pool, but for that, it is necessary to choose the right model of pool lounger that matches the aesthetics of your House. Among several models of sun lounger for traditional pool and infinity pool, one of the most popular is the plastic sun lounger, the white ones being the most common, however, it is also possible to find other colors and the comfortable plastic sun lounger with upholstery, ossp gives you a wide variety of choice. But there are other models of pool lounger such as wood, wicker or straw, however, these models of pool lounger must have undergone a specific process so that they become more resistant to the sun and moisture.

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