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How about, seeing the beauty in a simpler way? Yes, this is the proposal of simple and cheap room decoration, which has the function of gathering in a single environment few furniture and decorative items, which add at the same time a lot of creativity, functionality and innovation to the space, and may even have a space for a small home office. After all, here the phrase “less is more” is taken very seriously. So, if you want to embark on this universe of simplicity, check out our post now with countless simple and cheap bedroom decorating ideas. It’s fact! Simple bedroom decor has been gaining countless followers day after day. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Hope Square.

This is because the style appeals not only to the eyes of the residents for its beauty, but especially the pocket of those who possibly intend to invest in a project like this, due to its low cost of application. However, it is important to mention that the simplicity presented here is not linked to the dimension of the room, but to the layout and quantity of furniture and decorative elements present in the space, so stay tuned.

Therefore, the simple room decoration can be applied in any environment, regardless of its size, even the double room with double box bed can have an incredible decoration, or if you prefer, use the Japanese bed or suspended bed that guarantees a touch super welcoming to the environment, besides being excellent for small rooms and being very comfortable.

Free Pattern Available: Hope Square

For decorating a simple girl’s room try to use neutral tones on the walls and invest in furniture next to the bed, such as a table for books, lamp and flower vase. Remembering that the pictures are very welcome and make the decoration of the simple girl’s room much more cheerful and fun, look for pictures of her interest. For the decoration of a simple room for a boy, try to invest in bedroom paint colors in more sober tones, both on the walls and on the furniture of the place. Another tip is to use a built-in bed with drawers, because in addition to maximizing the circulation space of the simple room, it is functional, as it helps in organizing clothes and accessories.

In addition, try to explore the most vivid and citrus colors using some decorative items present in the simple room itself, such as the decorative wall panel, colorful carpet and patterned cushion that give that cheerful touch to the environment. The decoration of the simple double room, by itself, is already a little more difficult when compared to the decoration of a simple single room. This happens, since the decoration of this room must take into account the style and taste of two people. Therefore, in this environment, it is important, first of all, to define which simple bedroom decoration project best represents the couple’s style.

Then, as a tip for decorating the simple double bedroom try to invest in light colors, both on the walls and on the furniture, as this creates a feeling of spaciousness in the environment, in addition to creating a lighter and clean look making everything more beautiful. Few furnishings and decorative elements are also part of the simple double bedroom decor. However, pay attention to the furniture chosen, as it should not only beautify the environment but also be functional for residents, so choosing a planned wardrobe can become an excellent idea. In the decoration of a simple room, also choose the recamier at the foot of the bed, which in addition to bringing a vintage touch to the simple room serves as a seat and support base for accessories and clothes.

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