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The garden seat is a type of classic piece in decoration. Of Chinese origin, the garden seat was widely used in gardens of wealthy houses and its presence was a sign of family status. Today the garden seat has invaded the decoration of the most diverse environments: gardens, living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and balconies and has proved its value as an option for a more sophisticated decoration. Originally, in the traditional oriental, this decorative object was made of ceramics, but today, it is possible to find the seat garden in different materials, colors and formats. Well, if you still have doubts about what is the garden seat we will clarify it better. As we already said, the seat garden is a piece of decoration of Chinese origin, and the garden seat is nothing more than a “garden bench”, as the name says. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Makin ‘Squares Blanket.

This bench model is shaped like a small barrel, however, today it is no longer a simple bench, often acting as the main decorative piece of the environment, in addition to being used as a side table on the terrace, and the most interesting is that the seat garden can be made of various materials such as ceramic, porcelain, wood, fiber or acrylic, which makes it easier to choose a piece that matches your decorating style and provides you with a variety of choices.

As the garden seat arrived to print style in any environment, but many times people have doubts about how to insert this beautiful piece in the composition of their decoration, In this post we brought you some tips to make your home even more beautiful using the garden seat . Check out!

Free Pattern Available: Makin ‘Squares Blanket

The garden seat in the living room can be used in different ways. A very common way of inserting the seat garden in the decoration of the room is to place it as a side table that can serve as a support for lampshades, potted plants or even to place glasses and snacks when receiving visitors at home which helps a lot. In some projects, the garden seats complement the decor in a harmonious way, composing with sofas and armchairs. In addition to a side table, the seat garden can also be used in the living room as a decoration under the sideboards and turning into extra seats whenever necessary.

It is interesting that the gardens seat come in harmony with the rest of the decor, you can, for example, choose a project where the black sideboard, with a lamp and a mirror are super in tune with the silver gardens seat. The cool thing about the garden seat is that in meetings and gatherings it can be used as an extra seat. In addition to providing more practicality on relaxed occasions, they ensure that the decor is much more beautiful. An example is in the photo below, where the seat garden composes a very delicate decoration located next to the armchair and receiving a vase of orchids, bringing more lightness and beauty to the decoration of the room.

In the decoration of the room, the garden seat can be used as a replacement for the nightstand, for example, or even as a complement to a dressing table. When we use the seat garden in the decoration of the room, it is worth betting on objects that present more details with colorful and printed finish, to make a difference and bring more personality to this space, giving a more imposing air to the decorated and even more cheerful environment . For a very clean room, it is worth using the seat garden to create a stripped-down style, so invest in the most colorful pieces. If you prefer, it is also possible to use the garden seat at the foot of the bed as a place to sit or just composing the decoration as in the decoration model with garden seat below.

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