Sometimes that desire to give a different touch to the decor with something more creative hits, doesn’t it? But how to do this without spending a lot and not to harm the environment? There are many possible answers, but a recent alternative that has been fitting like a glove for cases like this is cork, an item that stands out for its low price and sustainability. Originally from the cork oak, a tree that does not need to be cut to extract it, cork has always been an element present in the daily life of Brazilians, especially in offices and commercial establishments. In this post you will learn more about it and see the tutorial for a beautiful Unisex Edge Blanket.

However, more recently, cork has been explored with regard to its aesthetic potential, that is, as a decorative cork, this character that is in fact rich and interesting for many types of property and is highly sought after by all. The material can be used in different ways, with the corkboard decorated for notes only being the most common use.

There are those who choose to apply cork to a whole wall, for example, giving a more rustic look to the environment, which also works as a great technique to bring more functionality to the decoration and makes everything much more beautiful.

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Decorated cork mural is also commonly used in bedrooms and kitchens in a functional way as a wildcard in organizing ideas which helps a lot. The interesting thing about cork in decoration is the fact that it brings together the main elements for design that will please those who will live in the property: versatility, low price and functionality. If you were interested in the wonders of cork, keep reading and check out all the possibilities that the material offers for you and your home. Enjoy and check out our gallery with inspiring models ranging from the simple decorated cork board to the wall decoration with cork.

The decorated cork board is, by far, one of the most common uses of the material. This is due to the fact that cork is very good for attaching papers and other items that the residents of the property want to leave in plain sight, either as a reminder or even to show personal achievements, hanging medals and important certificates. Another interesting possibility of the decorated cork board is to function as a kind of photo mural, something even more common in home decoration and a feature much loved by everyone. For this possibility, the tip is to always opt for a more fun arrangement of the photos, inserting other elements between them and even objects that function as memories of the recorded moments.

Speaking of photo murals, it is worth remembering that there is also the decorated cork mural which is also very beautiful, which can serve both as a support for the photographs, and as a simple element that works to decorate the wall or even the ceiling. of a room. For a room for example, using cork as a mural that follows a pre-established theme can be very interesting and inexpensive, especially in children’s rooms, where they are most used. It is very easy to find molds ready to assemble the decorated cork mural, with varied themes. A fun and beautiful model is that of maps, which also has its own variety. In addition, it is valid to create your cork mural yourself, with formats established by your taste, since we are talking about an easily malleable material….

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