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Want to bring even more beauty and functionality to the living room or TV room? So, you need to invest in a retractable sofa model. Comfortable, versatile and practical, the retractable sofa is capable of meeting the needs of a wide variety of tastes and styles, thus making it an excellent option for those seeking visual appeal, warmth and space. So if you are looking for an ideal retractable sofa to make shared moments in the living room or TV room more enjoyable, read on. In this post, you will find information, decoration tips and several models of retractable sofa to decorate your environment and also a tutorial on how to make a wonderful Freeform Quilt.

In addition to beautiful models with decorative pillows. Check it out and get inspired! Who doesn’t enjoy watching your movie, series or soap opera lying on a beautiful and comfortable sofa? Well, we all like to enjoy this wonder, in the end, it is very good to have some time for ourselves or with the family. However, what happens is that in the presence of an ordinary sofa, this type of leisure can end up preventing other people from joining you in that special moment. Therefore, investing in a retractable sofa can make all the difference thus avoiding possible fights within the home.

But, after all, what is a retractable sofa? For those who do not know, this model of sofa has a retractable seat, that is, its structure allows to increase the seats, either by pulling or lifting the part under the furniture, thus allowing people to stay with their legs stretched while watching television and even allowing to lie down.

Free Pattern Available: Freeform Quilt

However, as the retractable sofa is an expandable model, it is essential that you carefully evaluate the room models, size of the room, as well as the dimensions of the open and closed sofa, so that your presence even with the expanded seats does not hinder the movement of people in the environment, so, as we always say, take the correct measures. Why invest in buying a retractable sofa? Comfort: it is the ideal sofa model for those who want to spend several hours watching films, series and soap operas; Maximizes the circulation space: when returning to the original position, the retractable sofa saves the space that is used when it is tilted;

Diversity of models: it is possible to find on the market different models of retractable sofa, with modern design and that meets the needs of the most varied tastes and styles, since there are several options on the market. If you want to bring a more delicate touch to the simple living room decor, you can opt for a retractable sofa set with floral prints, or in pastel colors. Tones of white, beige and light pink are excellent to cover the structure of the retractable sofa, as they give a romantic air to the space.

Now, if you want to include a modern retractable sofa set you can bet on the sofa versions with shades of brown, gray, graphite and black, they are very beautiful and give a special touch where they are used. It is worth mentioning that the retractable sofa gains even more prominence in the environment when accompanied by pillows and blankets. Thus, for those who like fun and cheerful compositions, the tip is to invest in colorful prints, with funny images or phrases.

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