The value of the electricity bill at the end of the month has been a constant concern in the lives of Brazilians, so it is important to know how to save energy. This is because the tariff charges per flag change all the time and there is no way to predict the amount of monthly expenditure. Since the additional fees on the bill are directly related to energy consumption, we have prepared a guide on how to save energy. You will realize how saving energy is linked to changing habits and see that with some changes in the house, it is possible to reduce the value of the electric bill. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Country Flowers Quilt.

1 Paint walls of light colors. If you are planning a renovation or want to start saving energy, painting the walls in light colors is a good way to save electricity, we know it doesn’t seem to make sense but you will understand. The light colors help to distribute the natural light that comes in through the windows. Another tip to complement how to save energy:

Leave room curtains and doors open during the day, avoiding turning on lights unnecessarily. It is a delight to enjoy the brightness of the day and enjoy the sunlight and, in addition, you still save a few kilowatts by not using the lamps unnecessarily!

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2 Move the Furniture. In the office, home office or in the study and reading environment, moving armchairs and desks close to the window is a good way to save electricity, daylight, and enjoy the scenery. Thus, the ambient light can remain off for a longer time, making it an excellent way to save energy, which is what we want. 3 Take care of the refrigerator. An essential appliance, the refrigerator can consume more energy if certain precautions are not taken. The rubber of the door must always be firm, offering a little resistance when pulled, it means that it is in perfect condition. If it opens too easily, it may be a sign that it is time to change it. This basic care is one of the ways to save energy.

Try to open the refrigerator as little as possible: After serving meals, for example, gather everything that is stored in the refrigerator and store it by opening the door only once. With the door open for less time and less frequently, the cold air escapes in less quantity and the engine does not need to work more times to cool the equipment. Since saving energy depends on the constant maintenance of appliances, periodically schedule a visit by a specialized technician to take a look at everything. 4 Change the Lamps. Fluorescent and LED lamps are the most economical and have a high lighting capacity. If you still use an incandescent lamp, try to change it as soon as possible, this type of lamp usually uses a lot of energy. This is one of the main tips on how to save energy and you will feel a significant difference in the bill.

 An important detail on how to save energy: Much of the consumption of fluorescent lamps is in the act of lighting. Turning off and on all the time can lead to higher energy consumption. 5 Optimize the use of equipment. Adding a good amount of clothes to wash at once is a way to make better use of the washing machine and how to save electricity as this appliance uses a lot of energy. The same goes for ironing: Put several pieces together and turn on the iron only once. The pieces that knead a little can leave the clothesline for the wardrobe and you can also use the iron off, but still hot, to iron smaller or easier pieces to wrinkle, so you save energy and have your clothes smooth. Another important measure of how to save energy is to avoid sleeping with the television on. If sleep hits, set it to shut down with a timer. In the shower, the ideal is to bathe for a maximum of 10 minutes. Another effective way to save energy is to leave the temperature switch in the “summer” position: this attitude can save up to 30% of consumption.

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