The mirror is a decoration item that brings beauty, sophistication and more elegance to the decorated environments, and the market always launches new models with different frames, colors, textures and finishes to help compose the most diverse styles of decoration, and a model what is super hot is the floor mirror. Being the floor mirror something practical and super easy to combine with various styles, we decided to make this post with some tips to help you insert the floor mirror in your environment and make your home even more beautiful and also with a tutorial how to make an incredible Jordan Fabrics Peaks Quilt. Check out!

Decoration with floor mirror
The floor mirror is a decorative object that is super easy to use, after all, you just have to leave it on the floor against the wall and that’s it, you already have a personalized atmosphere, with much more style and a contemporary touch of decoration that will leave everything with a special touch. But to choose the best floor mirror for your home you must first think about the decorating style of your environment.

If it is a classic room, for example, the floor mirror for living room with a Provencal frame may be the most interesting choice, for a modern bedroom, the floor mirror for bedroom can have a cleaner and simpler frame to complete the environment .

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Another very important tip when choosing the floor mirror is to think about the size of the room, as the large floor mirror cannot hinder the circulation around the room. Because of this, if it is a compact space, choose a smaller floor mirror model and do not leave it close to the passage to avoid disturbing this issue, for a large room, the large floor mirror will certainly bring a much more decor beautiful and interesting for the environment. To choose the best floor mirror for your environment you also need to pay attention to the type of frame.

The floor mirror with wooden frame harmonizes with different styles of decoration, but is perfect for a more rustic environment, while the floor mirror with thinner and simpler frame is ideal for a modern and minimalist decoration as it will complete the ambience giving an incredible touch. In addition to these more traditional models, the floor mirror with frame can also be found in super colorful versions, ideal for putting a cheerful and irreverent touch on the decoration of neutral environments, and even models of floor mirror without frame, which are called beveled mirrors, super modern and elegant.

One of the main advantages of the framed or frameless floor mirror is that it fits perfectly in virtually any environment, ranging from the entrance hall to even the bedrooms and bathroom, in addition, for very small rooms, the floor mirror it can still help with the feeling of spaciousness, there are several uses in an object. The room is undoubtedly the environment of the house that receives the most decoration with floor mirror, and to choose the ideal model of floor mirror for the bedroom always think about the personality of the owner of that environment.

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