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Do you know the modernist movement? It is common to see rooms, bathrooms and even a modern double bedroom. The latter is becoming more and more popular in Brazilian homes, since it is very common to hear terms such as “modern and rustic double room”, “modern and luxurious double room”, “modern and industrial double room” and many other models of modern double bedroom. They are variants that never end and, thinking about it, we decided to gather some ideas that can inspire you in the decoration of that modern double room of your dreams and the tutorial of an incredible A-maz-ing Quilt. Check out!

Unlike what many people think and usually say about a modern double bedroom, the decor has nothing to do with hyper-futuristic, technological and uncomfortable furniture. A modernist room, like a modern double bedroom, is one whose decoration values ​​efficiency and simplicity, that is, one that combines comfort with the usability of all furniture and furnishings in a harmonious way.

Curtains for a modern double bedroom can also have other characteristics, such as the presence of lines and geometric shapes, which give a special touch to the place. One of the most famous elements of modernism is the search for harmony, which is very much reaffirmed in the decoration of a modern double room.

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Another myth that surrounds the modernist decor is that if it is a modern double room, it cannot be luxurious. The statement is mistaken for many reasons, but the main one is the fact that a modern double room can count on many luxury elements, such as dressing tables, paintings and other works of art widely used today. Another important element for those who want a modern double room, but without leaving aside luxury is wood, it helps a lot. Friend of many other styles of decoration, it can be present in the frame for a modern double room, in sculptures and in the furniture itself.

Wardrobes, beds and even solid wood mirrors are great choices and can be used without fear of overeating in a modern double room. The same idea holds true for those who like stainless steel as is the case for many today. Modern and luxurious double rooms usually bet on the durability of the material to compose the space, using it both in furniture, as in the structure of wardrobes, as in small pieces and decorative adornments, such as picture frames and headboards. . For those who do not like pieces made in stainless steel, glass is also a good option for modern and luxurious double rooms.

Because it generally has simple and symmetrical shapes, the material can be used in different ways without leaving the environment loaded. In addition, thanks to its neutrality, glass can turn modern double rooms into a luxurious room, if organized together with other materials, such as leather and wood. In the world of decoration, there are those who like to unite different styles and genres in a single environment and this leads to the most incredible combinations. An example is the rustic and modern double bedroom, which can be assembled from various combinations and decor elements that are both modern and rustic.

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