Decorating your home environment with personal items is important to express your personality and style. And, one of the most used formulas since is to decorate them with photos that show unforgettable and memorable moments. These do not necessarily need to be under the frames. How about taking chances and composing them under your wall forming a creative and inspiring mural? First, check where you want to install your photo wall. Give preference to visible and wide places, such as above the bed, on the wall of the home office, in meetings of walls and / or corridors. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Modern Weave Blanket.

See below some ways on how to assemble your photo panel with different materials, we are sure you will love: Panel with cork: choose to leave the cork with the natural appearance or cover it with printed fabric of your choice. In addition to the mural, it is possible to cover an entire wall forming a wide picture frame and other objects to compose in the decoration.

Magnetic panel: a classic option. It is interesting to compose with fun and colorful magnets to give more attitude to the magnetic plate. On the market there are several models and sizes of this panel that you can buy and decorate.

Free Pattern Available: Modern Weave Blanket

Panel with frames: try to make a composition using several small frames for frames and place your photos. Choose frames of different colors and formats to give a fun look and even decorate the environment in which the panel is. Panel with different formats: another creative, simple and economical way to organize your photos is to create a heart-shaped photo mural.

You can also distribute your photos the way you want, just unleash your creativity, I am sure you will be surprised. Clothesline panel: use string or thread and create a clothesline of photos on the wall, attaching them with clothespins that can be colored or not. Panel with lights: wire lights can be included in the decoration of your wall.

Make a composition of photos on the wall and run the lights around the mural making a border or else passing between the photos. Panel with chalkboard paint: trend in decoration. One way to stylize is to write words in chalk around the photos creating a very original and personalized mural! If you need more inspiration you can look for examples on the internet.

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