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Have you ever stopped to think about how important the nightstand is for the organization and decoration of the room? It accommodates important objects and leaves everything at hand to make our life easier: the cell phone, the book, the remote control, the cup of tea, the glasses. All so that you don’t have to get out of bed all the time to pick up – or search. And among several models of bedside tables that currently exist, one in particular has gained prominence: the retro nightstand. And, in fact, the bedside tables are one of the most retro furniture that exist. The piece has been present in interior decoration for centuries. In this post you can learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Moe of Change.

Do you even know where this “nightstand” idea comes from? Well, the story goes that the nobility used to keep servants in the room to hold objects and serve them fruit and water. But there was a problem: the servants talked too much and disturbed the nobles. Over time they began to notice that a piece of furniture known as a sermete could do everything the servants did and was still very decorative, helping a lot in the environment.

Soon, the real servants were replaced by servants … speechless! The solution had been found and since then you already know, the furniture has become popular and practically every house has one today.

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Are you thinking about the idea of ​​having one in your house to help you too? Then come with us and we will tell you the best way to insert a retro nightstand in the room decoration:

How to use the nightstand in the decoration
1. Proportion and height
There is not much mystery to choose the ideal nightstand for your room, the only caveat is to pay attention to the height of the furniture in relation to the bed and the proportion of it on the wall. Height is important to ensure comfort and functionality, since the correct proportion allows the room to be more visually pleasing and you do not run the risk of overloading the space with too large furniture.

2. Functionality
Despite being a decorative piece, the nightstand is above anything very functional. That is why it must be thought of taking this characteristic into account. Before you buy yours, assess which objects will be on it more often, if it is interesting to have a piece of furniture with drawers and a door or if just an open model, table style, is enough for your needs.

3. Your way
In the past, the most common way to use the nightstand was to combine it with the bed, but this is not a rule. On the contrary, nowadays it is increasingly rare to see this composition. Modern proposals tend to highlight this object in the environment in which it is used, detaching it from the bed. One way to do this is by mixing styles, for example, using a retro nightstand with a modern style bed and headboard. It is also possible to use different bedside tables for each side of the bed.

Features of the retro nightstand
Since the theme today is a retro nightstand, we could not fail to mention the main characteristics of this type of furniture and how to recognize one in the store. Some models leave no doubt, they are classic, with an elaborate appearance and full of beautiful ornaments by the way. But some others can be confusing, so it is important to keep in mind that the retro dumb servants are especially characterized by the toothpick, the strong colors like red, yellow and blue and ball-shaped handles.

Retro versus vintage
It is also worth pointing out the difference between retro and vintage, so that you know exactly what you are buying. Retro style furniture, including nightstands, is produced today with features that resemble the furniture of yesteryear. That is, it is a new piece of furniture with an old appearance. Vintages are what they are. They were produced at a certain time and survive until today preserved. This type of furniture is usually found in thrift stores, antique fairs or at the grandmother’s house for example. They can be more expensive as well.

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