Furnishing and decorating the home is one of the most amazing tasks for those who want to innovate! But the investment is not always favorable to the wishes of the residents, so looking for solutions that balance this budget is the perfect way to bring beauty and warmth to the home! Decorating a simple room has its challenges and with the proper care, the end result can be charming. The living room is one of the main environments, where production makes all the difference for a unique and surprising look. In this post we’ll talk more about it and you’ll still learn how to make an amazing Crocheted Stars Blanket.

So we’ve broken down some basic decorating tips for a much more beautiful, simple living room while saving you money so you know how to make yours: Pallet furniture: Reuse this piece of furniture for your living room, such as: panel, rack, sofas , side tables and others. Decorative objects: abuse of accessories to bring personality into space. Framing is a great alternative to removing white from the wall.

Painting: This is one of the simplest techniques for changing the look of the room you want to decorate. In addition to replacing the coatings that promote a lot of dirt when reforming, it is a more economical alternative. Turn old into new:

Free Available Pattern: Crocheted Stars Blanket

Use the furniture you own to give it another finish or function. Covering the sofa with new fabric, painting existing furniture, altering some furniture or adding components are some of the options for this proposal that work very well! The accessories bring color to a neutral room. The neutral basis in an environment is like a whiteboard, where colors reinforce identity in the overall composition.

Add that touch through the pillows, lamps, pouffes and paintings. The contrast of surfaces through paint and materials. The colors on the wall convey joy while balancing with the contemporary air of concrete and wood in the rest of the room. Simple with a personal touch! Using objects on shelves helps identify residents’ tastes. As the plants in the decoration harmonize with the earthy tones in the environment.

Wooden crates can make up the wall of your living room. Wooden boxes are cheap and easy to find. If you want to give it the special touch, sand and paint the pieces to form a different and bold composition. Wall sticker is a cheap alternative to innovate the wall of your room when decorating. There are a variety of designs, colors and prints of wall stickers. Abuse and make framed compositions to make the wall more creative!

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