The bedroom panel gained space in the decoration, especially those that serve as support for televisions. With the advent of flat screens, these furniture started to accommodate the appliances, with the advantage of not taking up space, beautifying the room and, still, being extremely functional. And don’t think that panels are items made just for the living room, other environments in the house have taken advantage of it. Especially the bedroom, synonymous with rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is interesting to think of options that favor moments of relaxation and tranquility in this environment. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Lollipop Star.

Bedroom panels provide just that. If you are thinking of installing one and want to check out some cool tips and ideas, follow the post, as we will give you several tips. Why use a panel for the bedroom. 1 Functionality, a bedroom panel is not just a panel. In addition to serving as a support for television – its main function – the panel, depending on the model, can be very useful to house your decoration pieces, CDs and DVDs and other objects that you find necessary.

2 Decorative, when choosing the TV panel for your room keep in mind that it is also a decorative item. Therefore, analyze the color, material and structure of the panel you will buy so that it is in line with the rest of the decoration, because choosing it correctly can even add a touch to your decor.

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3 It hides imperfections, you know that not very beautiful wall or those loose threads that insist on attracting attention? You can hide all this with the panel, it is very useful and helps a lot in this regard. Did you see how a single piece can serve several things? 4 Convenience, when installed correctly, the panel brings a lot of comfort and visual convenience, avoiding trauma to the view of those who watch. The distance from the floor to the set, as well as the distance between the viewer and the set, is at least one meter, depending on the size of the room and the number of inches of the TV.

5 Security, opting for a panel to fix your television, guarantees, above all, security. Especially when there are children in the house. This type of support prevents bumps on the TV and, when placed at an appropriate height, limits children’s access to the device. 6 Saves space, in times of increasingly smaller rooms, opting for space-saving furniture is a smart way out, so you save space in a functional way. The panels take up virtually no space and perfectly fulfill the mission of holding the TV.

7 Numerous options, in furniture and decoration stores you can find different types of panels, with different colors and materials. Another option is to have it made to measure in a cabinet shop or planned furniture store. But if you have the skills and time to make your own panel, ideas will not be lacking. Now that you know all that, how about taking a look at the internet and some stores to get inspired and buy your panel?

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