Tricolor Crochet Square (Video Tutorial)

One of the biggest obstacles of contemporary life is to combine quality of life with modernity. Two sides of the same coin that need to harmonize. But how to do that? A smart, easy and cheap way out is to opt for hanging gardens. Everyone knows that growing plants at home considerably raises the physical, mental and emotional health of residents. The contact with the green (so limited in the metropolises) and the illustrious visit of butterflies and birds are just some of the many benefits that this habit can add to everyday life. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Tricolor Crochet Square.

And if a hanging garden is already on your to-do list, this post will help you a lot. We have gathered in one place tips for you to set up your own green refuge in your home. How to set up a hanging garden: A hanging garden, as its name suggests, is a space in the house where plants are grown vertically and believe me, it can be done.

That is, they can be either placed on the wall or suspended by ropes on the ceiling. the hanging garden can be made of different materials, everything will depend on what you intend to plant on it and the face you want to give to the decoration of the environment in which you will make your garden, after all, the hanging garden will not, in any way, go unnoticed by the house .

For those who prefer a more rustic style you can bet on wooden crates or pallets to compose the garden structure. Another suggestion is to fall on the sustainable wave and set up a hanging garden using PET bottles, PVC pipes or milk cartons. In addition to contributing to the environment, you also save money, as such a garden is much cheaper than a normal garden full of pots scattered around. Now see some small (but fundamental) details that cannot be missed when planning the hanging garden: 1 Light, every plant needs light, some more, others less, but it always has to have light. So give preference to mount the hanging garden on a balcony or in a place that receives natural light.

But beware of the excessive sun. Some plants survive only in the shade and if exposed to heat they can suffer from burns and even dry out completely and that is not what we want to happen. Check the needs of the species you want to plant before setting up the hanging garden. 2 Water and fertilize, if you are the type of person who forgets you have a plant at home or spend a large part of the day outside, prefer plants that do not need frequent watering and fertilization, such as cacti and succulents, for example.

Now if you are able to pay more attention to the plants, you can even opt for flowering species that require more care than the foliage. 3 Suitable pot, the choice of pot is essential, especially in a hanging garden. Prefer the lighter ones, like coconut fiber. If you want to use a heavier vase, like the cement ones, that’s fine too, but in this case it is important to ensure that the vase is well fixed so that it does not fall and break, spreading suction all over the place. Also remember to leave them at a height that does not hinder the passage and movement of people.

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