Colors play an important role in the environment, leading to sensations and identity depending on how it is applied. Brown, for example, is the color that resembles nature, transmitting comfort and safety with unique qualities! It is very rare to consider this color as a base, but they can participate in several compositions through details, textures and materials. Here’s how to decorate with shades of brown: With a multitude of shades, the color represents a strong connection with the earth, due to the trunks and fibers of the trees. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Anticipation Mystery Afghan 12 “block.

That is why a decoration that oozes wood has a starting point for the rest of the production of the environment. After all, carpentry is in virtually every space, and earthy tones end up being the best options for those looking for neutrality and effective results. The advantages of using brown in the decoration is the versatility that this color transmits in the environment in which it is used.

Since creating contrasts, following a more basic line, expanding comfort or highlighting a point, it has the power to play according to the taste and personality of the resident, that is, the environment will be exactly as you want, with your face !

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Although it looks simple, you need to know much more to make the best use of this color! We have separated some tips on how to apply these ideas in some rooms. Check out these references with timeless decorative solutions that take all the sophistication and warmth with the shades of brown: The mix of shades brings personality to the environment, working with the colors in the decoration is to bring another look to the space in question. Tone on tone, for example, is the best way to apply this technique to have a very efficient result.

The shades of brown can enter to enhance each detail of the setting. Shades of brown: color is a trend in decor and design today! White equipment is no longer the only option for wet areas. The market seeks to offer a different design, with pieces in neutral colors, but never seen before. Shades of brown: Get inspired by the industrial style with shades of brown. This style can use all shades of brown! Its factory characteristic includes materials such as brick, leather, rusted pieces, demolition wood and even the painting itself.

The combination of black and brown exudes elegance. Materials such as brick allow to create different sensations and styles in the environment. The brick is a versatile material in decoration, which can be used in several styles. The finish that looks like brown tones is ideal to bring more coziness to the environment in an incredibly unique way. The brown can be in punctual objects in the decoration. Colors can be present in the decorative details. In the above project, accessories such as carpet, ottomans and curtains gave the contrast that was missing for the living room. The more intense color tends to be darker, asking for a good lighting design.

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