Having decorated lavatories is more than possible: it is simple and is at your fingertips! There are dozens of options that you never imagined. See more tips about this here in Craft Ideas. In order to make the lavatories decorated much more elegant, investing in lighting is essential. Place focal points of light over the sink. You know that dressing room lighting? It looks great around the mirror! Another good option is to invest in cold lights, as they increase the feeling of elegance in the place. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Victorian Lattice Square Crochet Blanket.

They also contribute to a cleaner look. If you want to go further and create a new lighting, mix warm and cold lights, this will give an incredible and very beautiful touch to the environment. You will love the result! The color of the walls, furniture and crockery also influences the lighting. So, if you want a more neutral tone in the environment, choose a sink and light furniture.

Use and abuse towels! They are not meant to be hidden in a closet, so leave them on display, they will add a sophisticated touch to everything. Organize them all together and set up creative arrangements, leaving them exposed on the toilet.

Free Pattern Available: Victorian Lattice Square Crochet Blanket

Vary the colors of the towels if you want a warmer looking bathroom. Whether in the form of rolls, wrapped in a different accessory, in a organizing box or in a basket, the result is always very attractive and beautiful. In addition, they can be placed near the pots of natural or artificial plants of the place.

It is also common to use jars in decorated lavatories. They break any tense atmosphere, making the decor more romantic and making it more beautiful. So invest in natural flowers, so you can have the decor renew every week.

You can use themed stickers inside the room, to give a more fun touch to the environment. they provide relaxation to the space. The stickers are easy to find and cover the most varied ideas, expanding your range of options for decoration. For stalls with stalls, the stickers can be glued on it, in order to provide a more cheerful aspect to the environment.

In addition to the stickers, take the opportunity to spread candles and various soaps on the spot with decorative items. When visiting, keep the candles burning. Give preference to scented candles that give off a pleasant smell while burning. Avoid incense sticks, because unlike candles, not everyone likes them.

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