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Undoubtedly, one of the main furniture of any dining room, are the chairs. But how to choose and make this furniture a fundamental part of the composition? We already know something very important: they need to be imposing, of quality and, above all, upholstered. This is because it is in the dining room that we receive guests and sit at the table in search of comfort during the meal.

Thinking about it, we put together in this post a list with some models of upholstered chairs for dining room that are the most successful and, besides, they are true icons of design in addition to the tutorial of an incredible Something Magic Cal. It is worth checking and choosing the option that suits you best!

From retro to contemporary, there is the right model for your dining room. And the best: the models that we separate are classic design and mark the history of furniture as something unique and extremely innovative, we are sure that they will please you. After reading, research on the internet and choose your darlings! Modern, this piece created in the 1980s by French designer Philippe Starck was designed to decorate a Parisian cafe of the same name.

Originally, it is an upholstered chair with a dark wood back and three sloping feet, but nowadays it is not at all difficult to find models inspired by this chair that have other colors and designs that resemble the original model and that will also please you a lot.

It is not by chance that the Fledermaus Cabaret Chair has this retro style so elegant and beautiful. It was originally conceived in the early 20th century, by the hands of Austrian designer and architect Josef Hoffmann. The piece of wood was created especially for the famous Vienna Cabaret Fledermaus, and Hoffmann was inspired by the bold and thin lines of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Tulipa is one of the most remembered upholstered chairs, in addition to being a true design icon.

The piece was created in 1956 by the Finnish designer and architect Eero Saarinen and it does not have this name by chance: the idea, since the beginning, was that the piece resembled the tulip flower with a thin base and a rounded back, as if it were blooming .

The traditional model is white and red, but nowadays it is possible to find the Tulipa chair with upholstery in different colors, which makes it even more fun.

The Klismos chair is one of the oldest on our list and perhaps one of the first in history, because there are records of this piece in sculptures and paintings from Ancient Greece. The chair model has its feet curved outward, seeming not to support the weight of those who are sitting on it, so the design of the model came to show the grandeur of the Gods and their importance for an entire civilization. Currently, in addition to the traditional wooden Klismos, it is possible to find the piece in metal, padded and in fiber, which leaves it with a more modern style but without taking away its scent.

The Louis XV chair is just a sample of an entire style born in the 18th century in France, during the reign of Louis XV himself. In general, this inspiration is characterized by the use of noble materials, more neutral tones, the use of bronze in some details and sinuous curves in the furniture.

It is so unique, the style is still used today, especially in classic environments, it complements the whole environment. And detail: the upholstered Louis XV chair is a wildcard in any dining room!

The Medallion chair has a classic “what” and is very similar to the previous upholstered chair model. And it’s no wonder: this piece also appeared in France and is inspired by the armchairs used in the reign of Louis XVI. This model is elegant, extremely delicate and even has a romantic detail in some cases and, in fact, is perfect in any dining room composition, one of the reasons it is so sought after today.

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