Pinwheel Puzzle Quilt

The living room is one of the most pleasant areas of a property. In it, hours of rest and leisure are usually spent with friends and family. However, the room does not always have the desired size, since one of the trends of modern buildings has been to reduce the size of the rooms more and more, so enlarging this space without renovations has become a common task among people. If this is your case, you do not need to worry, because with the tips brought by decoration professionals it will be possible to expand the space available in your room without reforms. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Pinwheel Puzzle Quilt.

One of the main secrets to make your room look bigger is to choose the colors that will be used both in the painting of the walls, as well as in the furniture, floors and decorative objects, so stay tuned to this detail. The ideal is to always bet on lighter tones, such as white, beige and soft gray, for example, leaving the strongest colors just for the details. That way, your room will become brighter and consequently it will look wider.

The sense of spaciousness of a project was provided by the presence of white color on the walls that gave an incredible touch to the place. Blue and gold tones were scattered throughout the room through furniture and decorative pieces. If you are interested in subjects related to the decoration of small environments, you must have already realized that mirrors are the darlings of architects and decorators when the goal is to make a space look bigger and they help a lot in that purpose.

By Kirsty Cleverly 

Free Pattern Available: Pinwheel Puzzle Quilt

The mirrors can be installed completely filling one of the walls of the room, which has been done a lot today, and in this way the amplitude effect is more intense, or only as decorative accessories in smaller versions, contributing to the beauty of the environment. In addition to making the room appear larger, the mirrors are also allies to spread the lighting throughout the environment. Who has the privilege of having a balcony or balcony in front of the room can integrate the two environments to be with a single larger and more pleasant space.

In this case, it is possible that there may be a need to make small adjustments to level the floor of the room and the balcony, removing the walls that separate the two spaces. This way, you will conquer a larger and more airy room. There is a project where the floor of the living room extended to the balcony area, consequently, providing a feeling of spaciousness in the environment. There are some projects where the living room and dining room environments received the installation of wooden laminate flooring in the space.

This allowed the integration of the rooms and increased the feeling of spaciousness in the place. Good lighting is capable of completely transforming the appearance of any space, and the room could not be different. Try to leave the environment well lit by installing chandeliers, lamps, spots and even a lamp that will help you a lot in this regard. All of these features will make the room look naturally larger, and still contribute to the feeling of comfort and warmth in the room. In addition, natural lighting should also be prioritized with large and well positioned windows as in the image below.

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