The oil blue color is one of the most modern and elegant among so many shades of blue and every day it has been used in decoration bringing a modern and very sophisticated touch to the environments. Therefore, we made this post with some tips on how to use petroleum blue in the decoration and transform your home into an even more beautiful space, besides making available to you the tutorial of a beautiful Delft Blue Chaining Nine Patch Quilt. Check out! The petroleum blue color can be used in practically all environments, however, it is important to remember that petroleum blue has several shades from lighter to darker tones.

So, a very important tip to buy oil blue wall paint is not just to look at the reference that appears on the paint packaging, it is also important to do some research beforehand and look for a palette of shades of blue oil where you will be able to choose the that pleases you most so that everything goes as planned. As we have already mentioned, the oil-blue decor gives the rooms more elegance and modernity.

A great advantage is that it can be inserted in various ways in the decoration such as oil blue wall paint, in furniture, decorative objects, wallpaper and even in bed linen, the limit is imagination, just use your creativity.

By Susie Stuklis

Free Pattern Available: Delft Blue Chaining Nine Patch Quilt

But a very important tip before starting to use oil blue decoration is always to pay attention to the size of the environment, as there are several shades of oil blue and it is necessary to follow that basic rule of using lighter colors in compact environments so that they stay with the feeling that they are bigger. An example of teal blue decor for compact environments is a project where the living room has a modern decor with neutral and light colors helping to feel spacious and still damage a special touch to the environment.

In large environments, the oil-blue color decor can be used more freely, especially when talking about the oil-blue color with a darker hue. Petroleum blue decoration can be used in various styles of decoration which helps a lot today and the most interesting thing is that this color can be only in some decorative details, or even become the great highlight of the environment being used in furniture as dressers or puffs to give that special touch.

Petroleum blue wall paint can also be used on all walls when it is a broader environment, or you can paint just one wall in tint to give a special highlight to this area of ​​the environment, this will already help you a lot. Furniture is always the great decorative highlight of the environments, after all, they dictate even the decorative style of the space. Petroleum blue furniture is always very charming and stands out in the surroundings, so choose the ones you want to use well.

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