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Bathroom decor is often overlooked, but this should not happen, after all, the bathroom is a room in the house that we use often, and often after a long day at work nothing better than getting home and running to the bathroom and take a good shower, right? And to make this environment more cozy and welcoming, the best option is to invest in a good lighting project using lamps and chandeliers for the bathroom that will guarantee a personalized decoration. And so that you can create adequate lighting and also a beautiful decoration for your bathroom, today we are going to give you tips on how to choose lamps and chandeliers for the bathroom, aiming at a harmonious and welcoming environment for your home, in addition to teaching you how to make a beautiful Vibrant Ohio Star Quilt. Check out!

The bathroom chandelier may be just one more decorative item so that this room gets a beautiful and personalized decoration, however, it is necessary to remember that good lighting for the bathroom is essential, especially when we need to get dressed and we use the mirror in the bathroom. WC. It is common for us to use the bathroom for activities such as shaving, makeup, brushing teeth, tidying hair, among other things, and doing all of that with poor lighting is not cool, do you agree?

So it is necessary that the bathroom receives a lighting project that will assist us in these activities, as this will make things easier for you. But we must also remember that many people use the bathroom as a relaxing environment, especially when we talk about a bathroom with a bathtub, in which case, a warmer and more welcoming ambient light is essential.

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Therefore, the most recommended is to invest in a bathroom lighting project that has both a general light for the environment and that is lighter and cooler and also a more punctual and warm light for hours of relaxation like a good bath. Central lighting. As the name says, the central lighting is located in the center of the bathroom, used in small bathrooms, in the case of larger bathrooms, the central lighting is divided in two, one part is in the center of the dry part of the bathroom. bathroom and another in the center of the wet part of the bathroom. General lighting. The general lighting is the one that illuminates the entire bathroom commonly made by a ceiling light or even a slightly larger bathroom chandelier, however, centralized, it helps a lot to leave the whole bathroom well lit.

Focused lighting
Focused lighting is commonly used to bring a more welcoming touch to the bathroom, and it is made to spread spots of light throughout the space, which can be on the countertop with a mirror or on a bathtub to illuminate well, at the times you need it most. Light temperature. In the bathroom the temperature of the light most used is cold light, because as we have already said, this space needs greater visibility, but for the space to gain a welcoming touch, it is worth investing in hot light spots. In the market it is possible to find several chandelier models for the bathroom, some are super modern and bold as the chandeliers and bathroom fixtures, while others are very classic and sophisticated as the crystal chandelier and this presents itself as a great advantage, after all, it is possible find chandelier models for small bathrooms, others more suitable for large bathrooms, in addition to being able to invest in a model that harmonizes with your decorating style leaving the environment complete.

Therefore, when buying the bathroom chandelier, you must remember that in addition to being functional for your environment, it is also a decorative item, so choose a bathroom chandelier model that best matches your space. The chandelier for a small bathroom must be a more delicate and smaller model, because it is proportional to the space and does not create visual pollution in the environment or overload it. One of the most used small bathroom chandelier models is the ceiling light which serves as a general lighting for the entire environment. But if you feel the need for a more personalized decoration, you can invest in chandeliers and pendant lamps for bathroom that can be installed on the countertop and create a super charming touch in the space.

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