Wi-Fi connections have become increasingly popular because they do not require major interventions in the environment where they will be installed. Unlike what happened with wired networks, for which it was necessary to predict the points where it would be possible to connect equipment, run cables and even do small works and architectural interventions to keep everything online. But technology and design have come together and the result is a smarter and more practical solution. One of the main challenges encountered, however, was how to ensure the good distribution of signals even in complex environments, with walls, furniture and decorative objects that can interfere with the way waves propagate through space. It was common for customers to have to choose between having aesthetic harmony and visual discretion or network power and stability. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make an amazing Scrappy Star Log Cabin Quilt.

A lot of people opted for good data fluidity, with considerable navigation speed, but they were not satisfied with a device that is out of step with the style of the furniture and with the lack of mobility, we know how bad this is. Like any system that depends on the generation and reception of signals to function, the technical guidance has always been that the router should be in the most central point of the house, which would also be the highest and equidistant from the rooms where the user would like to be connected .

These recommendations are still valid for traditional routers. Result: improvisations like devices on racks in the living room, on walls, shelves and even hanging from the ceiling, among other unusual positions. Fortunately, the development of mesh technology helped solve this problem that everyone had. Based on the mesh concept, it is composed of several nodes that interconnect and distribute the signal with more stability and speed.

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The great advantage of this technology is that the expansion of the coverage area is extremely simple and can be done by adding complementary modules to the network without compromising the quality of Wi-Fi. For example, there is already a complete line of routers developed especially for the Brazilian market, and this line is entirely in Portuguese which is great for them. Intelbras’ Twibi devices have models that make it easy to distribute the signal at home and allow the use of all the band provided by your internet service provider. There are two models to choose from: Twibi Fast: Ideal for internet plans of up to 100 Mbps speed and with up to 40 devices connected, it has two ports for connecting to the wired network and covers up to 100m² per unit. Twibi also offers dual band AC technology, operating simultaneously at frequencies of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which have, respectively, 300Mbps and 867Mbps speed;

Twibi Giga: this solution offers the same practicalities as the previous model, with some differentials: it is the most suitable for those who have contracted plans of more than 100Mbps with the internet provider or operator and will have up to 60 connected devices. In addition, it has two gig ports for wired connection and covers up to 180m² per unit. Both models have other features that will take your home’s Wi-Fi network to another level that will surprise you. The main one is the easy expansion of the connection through the simple addition of other Twibis. Each connects to the others and takes the radio waves that provide navigation to cell phones, tablets, computers and other devices in the house further and this helps a lot. This action, in mesh technology, is very easy and automated because in addition to eliminating the so-called “dead zones”, in which the signal is very weak or simply does not exist, it allows users to cross the space of the property passing through several nodes without having navigation stopped.

More than expanding the capacity of the Wi-Fi network, the Twibi line routers do not require any technical knowledge to be configured. Everything is easily accessible through the Wi-Fi Control Home application. It allows you to install routers, manage functions such as Parental Control, blocking websites and even creating a network for visitors that ensures more tranquility and stability for your connection, which is very functional. This feature is especially useful when you receive people at home, but you do not want to give them the password for your main network: just create a second Wi-Fi, whose signal uptime can be configured, that is, after that time visitor network is automatically disabled, without requiring you to disable it.

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