Summer Totem Queen Sized Quilt

Do you want a decoration that expresses power, prosperity, wealth and sophistication? So, you need to bet on the golden tone. That’s because gold is the color of gold, so all objects that carry this tint in their composition end up referring directly or indirectly to this very valuable metal. So, if you are looking for new inspirations with this color, whether it is including both occasional decorative elements and restructuring the entire decoration of your environment, this post is perfect for you because in it you will learn more about it and also learn to make a beautiful Summer Queen Sized Quilt Totem. Check it out and get inspired!

Considered as a symbol of wealth due to its tonality referring to gold, today gold when incorporated into the decoration also reflects sophistication and elegance. The versatility of gold is also eye-catching, as its tone can be combined with different styles, colors and materials and this helps a lot today. Notice how the golden decoration can bring power and elegance to the environment, even if it is a room with the presence of neutral tones.

Here, metallic details can make all the difference in your home, like the design of a living room where the golden decoration is present, especially in the dome of the floor lamp and on the carpet, this is a great project to be inspired .

By Kirsty Cleverly

Free Pattern Available: Summer Totem Queen Sized Quilt

It is worth mentioning that when the subject is to include gold in the decoration, the phrase “less is more” falls perfectly on the environment, as the intention is to use the golden tone in small details as in decorative objects. Therefore, pieces such as mirrors, curtains, pillows, rugs, lamps and even furniture such as sofa and armchairs become great options to embrace this color and will help you a lot to decorate. Know that one of the easiest ways to bring elegance to the environment is to incorporate, without much effort, a black and gold decoration, even because both colors offer a powerful combination.

Therefore, use accessories, decorative pieces, crockery and furniture that enhance this color in the space and can be used from the hall, to the bathroom, bedroom, living room or even in your gourmet space. In another project, black and gold decoration was incorporated into the living room by means of specific decorative elements. In another, black was used in abundance in the room and the golden tone entered small pieces scattered around the room bringing points of light. One of the great advantages of black and gold decoration is that they can be easily mixed with other shades, since both colors are neutral.

In a bathroom design the golden color was incorporated only in the mirror frame, that is, with a single decorative element it is only possible to express sophistication and elegance in the room. The pink color, by itself, already transmits romanticism and when combined with gold, the decoration undoubtedly gains a very special touch. So, if you want to obtain an environment that expresses power and romanticism at the same time, you need to invest in a pink and gold decoration. However, it is worth emphasizing that the golden tone goes into the decoration of the environment to complement the elements that are already present there, so pay attention to that.

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