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The wire is nothing more than a piece made of wire, this piece can be found in the market of different models, sizes and colors and a great advantage is that the wire can be used both for decoration and for the organization of various environments. It transforms spaces, especially the most compact ones, making them more practical and functional for everyday life. Here you will be able to check a little more about the advantages of using the wire in the organization of different environments, and you will also be able to learn how to make an incredible Zellige Quilt with the tutorial that we separated.

One of the main functions of the wire is to help in the organization, some models such as the kitchen wire, for example, are made specifically to fit inside cupboards and help in the organization of pots, lids, glasses and other kitchen utensils, so you keep everything organized. The wired kitchen made to be used in cabinets are perfect to optimize spaces and guarantee greater practicality and a more organized environment.

Another model of wired kitchen also widely used is aerial. Often these wired models are attached to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet or even to the wall, they are excellent for those who love to cook and want to keep all kitchen utensils close at hand, they will help you a lot.

Free Pattern Available: Zellige Quilt

In addition to the kitchen, the wire can be used to organize several other rooms in the house such as laundry, living room, bedroom, bathroom and gourmet area. The wire in the laundry, for example, is widely used in the form of shelves, especially in small laundries and which need more space to always stay in order, so if you always have problems with the organization in your laundry, I use a wire . Both in the laundry room and in the kitchen and bathroom, the wire mesh with housewares is a guaranteed presence for those who like and want to have an environment always in order and in a very functional way.

In laundry, the wire is more used to store washing powder, fabric softeners and other cleaning products, while in the kitchen the wire with household utilities usually houses, in addition to food, products such as detergents and sponges, it is very useful. In the bathroom, the wire with housewares is also used inside the cabinet, leaving the cabinet always in order and many times the wires are used as niches to store toilet paper, towels, soaps, shampoos and some small decorative objects, helps to keep the house organized and still well decorated.

Another big trend is the wired closet. Practical, quick to assemble and very functional, the wired closet does not need major renovations and is synonymous with a cleaner closet. The wire can be found in different formats such as niches, baskets and shelves, so they are excellent for organizing the closet, we recommend that you use them as they will help you a lot.

Another great advantage of the wired closet is its cost, much cheaper than masonry or joinery projects. it is important to invest in wired models that fit on rails, because if necessary it is easier to modify the layout of the closet according to your needs. Now that you know all this, how about starting to use the wire in your home?

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