A relaxing and invigorating bath after a long and exhausting day is anyone’s desire. And you can make this moment even more pleasurable by betting on a spa bathroom indoors. This is a trend that has been gaining strength thanks to the demand for a calmer, lighter and more natural lifestyle. So, get ready: because in today’s post you will take a shower of practical and affordable solutions to set up your private spa in addition to learning how to make a beautiful Unicorn Baby Blanket. No matter the size or style of your bathroom, any bathroom can receive a spa. Check out the tips below:

If the idea is to set up a peaceful space that exudes peace, then the most suitable colors are the clear and neutral colors, such as white and beige, which are among the favorites of spas bathrooms and are widely used today. In addition to the neutral colors, you can also bet on tones that are naturally cozy, like the earthy ones that vary from soft orange to brown which are very beautiful. There are few materials capable of leading the mind to a state of relaxation and warmth like wood.

In this regard, wood is unbeatable and for that reason it cannot be left out of a spa bathroom. And as strange as it may seem, it is possible to insert the wood in wet areas, it is enough to waterproof and treat the material properly, in addition to maintaining it correctly.

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You can use the wood on the floor, in the ceiling lining or as a wall covering. There is also the option of decks, cabinets, shelves, niches and decorative objects made with the material. But, if you are very insecure with the wood in the bathroom, choose coatings that mimic the material. Currently there are porcelain tiles that perfectly reproduce the color and texture of the wood. This can be an excellent alternative to the material and also with the advantage of not requiring maintenance.

Freshness and balance with plants
Another element that cannot be missing in a spa bathroom are plants. They bring freshness, in addition to helping to purify the environment, in addition to decorating it. Some species even release a very pleasant aroma when in contact with the steam from the shower. The plants can be inserted into the bathroom in pots, placed directly on the floor, or supported on shelves and niches if you prefer. In that case, choose outstanding species such as fern and boa. A vertical garden also combines very well with the proposed bathroom spas.

Awaken sensations
For the spa bathroom to fulfill its objective of bringing relaxation and tranquility, the sensations aroused in the environment are very important. A tip for this is to invest in an aromatic diffuser with essence of herbs and flowers, for example. Another good idea is to use candles to create a more welcoming environment, if you want you can also choose aromatizing candles. You can still bet on crystals and other types of stones that in addition to decorate, flood the environment with natural energies.

Prioritize comfort
Comfort is the key part of the spa bathroom. You are welcome to invest in a beautiful decoration if the environment is not comfortable. For this, bet on soft carpets, indirect lights – which can come from candles or an electrical installation, plush, fragrant and soft towels. The decoration of a spa bathroom generally follows the line of the real spas, that is, everything is at hand. Towels, soaps, toilet paper, hygiene products are usually displayed in baskets or organized in niches and shelves. And pay close attention to that word “organization”. It is extremely important for the bathroom to be functional and, of course, beautiful. After all, no one can relax in a messy environment. Follow our tips and you will have a super relaxing spa bathroom where you can get rid of the stress of everyday life.

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