Baby Waffle Blanket

The suspended bed, also known as mezzanine or loft bed, is a smart solution for those who like a modern, organized environment and want to have plenty of space to arrange the furniture – ideal for small rooms, where each square meter is precious. Most of the proposals that use the suspended bed end up gaining an extra area in the room, below the bed, used as a study space with a desk, a dressing table, a closet or a resting place with puffs, pillows and sofas. In children’s rooms, the suspended bed allows another child, whether resident or guest, to rest on the premises. In this post you will see more about this bed and learn how to make a beautiful Baby Waffle Blanket.

Other proposals choose to install the suspended bed a few centimeters away from the floor – a modern approach that leaves the room with more style and movement. One of the precautions that must be taken when installing this type of bed is in relation to the right foot of the room – it must be at least 2.70m high for a bed suspended from the top, so a person can settle in without hitting his head or get hurt and the space will not look flat.

Regarding the material of the structure, metal is preferred because it is safer, with simple fixation on walls and floors using screws. There are also wooden models fixed by steel cables, ropes or chains that are also good.

Free Pattern Available: Baby Waffle Blanket

Take into account the style of decoration of the room so as not to escape the main proposal, try to have a bed that matches your environment. Whether in large or small environments, the suspended bed optimizes the space and can be a contemporary solution to make the decor of the room even more beautiful. See the main advantages of designing a suspended bed:

More space: the suspended bed occupies the vertical area of ​​the room and allows a better use of the lower space to provide other furniture. The suspended bed can also have a similar function to the bunk bed, arranged on another bed that can be used for a visit or for a baby.

More organization: likewise, the extra space can make it easier to organize objects such as books, pictures, baskets, clothes and others. Modernity: with different materials available, it can be adapted to any style of decoration, in addition to having a modern and sophisticated appeal. You can search the internet to find the perfect model.

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