Flower Corners Blanket

Currently mirrors do more than reflect our image when we are putting together a look or makeup, especially when we talk about mirrors for the bedroom. For small environments, mirrors are being used, combined with other elements such as lighting and ambient colors, to create a feeling of spaciousness in the space, removing that feeling of a very small, closed and claustrophobic room. In addition, depending on their shape and frame, they can become great decorative items in the environment. In this post we will talk about how mirrors can give this effect in the bedroom and how to use it to bring more style, functionality and spaciousness to your space, in addition to teaching you how to make a beautiful Flower Corners Blanket!

After all, how does the mirror do that? They work like a window or door, depending on its shape, size and position in space, for an environment or part of an environment – your own room, with a depth doubled by the reflection of the mirror that is in your room.

In addition to reflecting this image, the mirror ends up reflecting and emphasizing the lighting of the environment, one of the most important elements for the feeling of spaciousness of a space.

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Some positions, in this sense, are the most strategic for this feeling to be enhanced in the environment, such as on the side or in front of the bed, in the corner of the room and beside the bed. Mirrors, as traditionally made to be hung on the wall, are being used in even more innovative positions to help optimize spaces, especially in rooms that are small. At the head of the beds, above dressers and on the side walls of the bed (which are not usually used as much), on the doors of wardrobes and cupboards.

There are several ways to optimize space and experimenting with changing the traditional configuration of a mirror in an empty corner of the wall can make all the difference in your environment. Another aspect that has been attracting attention recently is the idea that the mirror not only needs to be useful, but can also become a decorative object for your room! Many designers are using mirror composition as if they were pictures on the wall, using them not so much for their function, but for the effect they can give to the decoration making it more beautiful.

The different formats come in the same idea and can already be found in several decoration stores and even in glass shops. And, of course, in the same wave as the decorative mirror, the frames (when used), can be thought of in a simpler and minimalist way or even super embellished and flashy too. It goes with the style of each person and the decoration you want to make.

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