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“Can only a miracle save me?” From the outset, customers’ insecurity is noticeable, it is almost always so when we receive an invitation to design a small space. Small rooms have the same problem as one in a large room; how to maintain the right proportion and add doses of creativity to occupy the space in an intelligent and useful way? In this post we will teach you more about it and also teach you how to make a beautiful Ten Stitch Blanket.

In the case of a renovation, the first strategy is to always expand the space, so remember that. Remove the walls and integrate environments as much as possible. Of course, depending on the lifestyle of each family, it may be better to sector the environments, which need not necessarily be through walls.

There are several elements, fixed or not, hollow or not, that can separate the uses of a small room and at the same time integrate environments in a harmonic and incredible way: furniture, shelves, cabinets, screens, cobogós, glass, sliding doors, curtains , etc.

The breadth of the gaze is the difference. The space previously occupied by a solid element, such as a wall, can be light and ventilation, store belongings, and beautify the home to help you. We can print identity in every corner of the house and escape from monotony, sector the open spaces and enhance them, playing with coverings and textures.

Free Pattern Available: Ten Stitch Blanket

We saw, for example, two apartments of about 60m2, where both underwent renovations to solve their small rooms, which helped a lot. In the first, an apartment of more than 20 years with a linear and very compartmentalized plan, all walls, kitchen, service area and maid’s room were demolished.

A unique joinery, which is a bookcase, cupboard and hides the toilet door, was proposed to separate the living room from the hollow kitchen, the bookcase separates the environments, but allows you to see and communicate with those on the other side, which can be great help too; the TV turns, and can be watched from the living room or kitchen. The mess is hidden by charming little doors, and the niches keep space for decoration.

Functional and original, changing floors, wood in the living room and cement in the kitchen also helps in dividing the environments. The second, a new apartment, with the typical floor plan of the current real estate market, a balcony out of proportion to the small living room, kitchen and other small and compartmentalized environments. After renovation, the kitchen and living room are integrated, divided only by the stone bench, which gave a very nice touch to the environment.

The contrast of textures and materials here goes further. Floor, walls and ceiling, the dining room is all covered in wood, with its color and texture, which made everything very beautiful. The living room, with white cement floors and walls in the same color, contrasts with the all black kitchen, as well as the entire joinery, including the bookcase that divides service and social areas. The solutions are endless, the essential thing is always to look for good lighting. Invest in a good project and never forget to combine creativity, technique and costs.

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