Tasman Blanket

It is not uncommon for construction companies to deliver smaller and smaller apartments and houses, to make the most of every corner of your new home, the Craft Ideas team has separated some tips on how to decorate the living and dining room so that the space yields and the most used environment. of the house by the family is used in the best possible way and we also separate the pattern of a beautiful Tasman Blanket. Architecture and decoration professionals always recommend using light colors on the walls, in this sense white is always the winner. The color present in the wall and floor coverings makes any room look bigger.

Make the colors bolder and stronger for some key pieces, such as punctual furniture or smaller objects and accessories that don’t attract much attention, this helps a lot. Another thing that you should keep in mind, especially in living and dining rooms that are integrated is to maintain that maintaining the same coverings as floors, for example, will help in the continuity of the vision and make the space appear, even if only visually bigger.

Leave to divide the rooms with other elements such as placing furniture or accessories such as rugs, these divisions must be subtle. The choice of furniture is also very important so pay attention to it, first of all, consider if all the furniture you have is really necessary, in a small room, the ideal could be to have a comfortable sofa and some chairs and armchairs for complete the seating area.

Free Pattern Available: Tasman Blanket

In modern decor there is no longer a need for a set of sofas with two and three seats for example. Also invest in multifunctional furniture, puffs that work as chests or coffee tables are good examples of pieces that will take up little space, be of great help and serve for more than one thing, an important advantage when space in a room is scarce.

Natural light is also very important so that the feeling of spaciousness appears larger, try not to obstruct your window with very heavy curtains as it ends up spoiling the decoration. Use low furniture and let the right foot of your room appear, this will give the feeling that the space is bigger. Abuse of flowers and natural plants indoors, tall species, but not much volume, may be ideal for this environment.

Keeping the organization is of paramount importance in any environment that needs to look bigger, enjoy and get rid of objects that you don’t use and just take up space, this already helps a lot. Abuse cabinets and shelves to organize the objects that remain and take advantage of them as special decorative objects.

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