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  • Little Angel – Free Crochet Pattern

    Little Angel – Free Crochet Pattern

    Hi everybody! How happy to meet you here in another year. Yes, it’s already 2023. It’s amazing how fast time flies. This sometimes gives the impression that we are not doing much, but calm down. All we don’t need is a start to the year full of charges. Thinking about keeping calm, let’s crochet a…

  • Santa Claus Amigurumi – Crochet Pattern

    Santa Claus Amigurumi – Crochet Pattern

    Hello my loves! The most special and awaited time of the year is almost here. We can feel the mood change on the streets and in the shops. To contribute to the decoration of our home, how about making Amigurumi Santa Claus? It’s an incredible pattern, a super friendly Santa Claus that stands out in…

  • Dino Amigurumi

    Dino Amigurumi

    Hello my dear followers, how are you going today? Please, be all welcome here, to our Crafts Idea Blog. We are a community ready to exchange ideas and support each other in this world of crafts.  Crafting is not simply sitting down and letting the hands work. Inspiration is an important part when working with…