Hello my loves! The most special and awaited time of the year is almost here. We can feel the mood change on the streets and in the shops. To contribute to the decoration of our home, how about making Amigurumi Santa Claus? It’s an incredible pattern, a super friendly Santa Claus that stands out in any decor and that will be a big hit around. Despite Christmas being in December, artisans can and should anticipate their production of Christmas Crochet items, right? 

If you’re thinking about selling, it’s always good to have a portfolio, one piece of each for the client to see the size and fall in love with your work. Crochet is an old technique that continues to be successful.

Amigurumis appeared less time ago, but they have already won our hearts. This is a craft technique that is capable of creating various little animals, as well as stars, flowers, dolls, among many other things using few materials. 

In addition to gifting or creating for yourself, amigurumi is a great craft opportunity for extra income. To make Santa Claus, you don’t need very different materials from what we are used to using in crochet.

For me, the big difference is the yarn we use. For blankets, rugs, we usually use thicker yarns, strings. As we want a more delicate Santa Claus, thinner yarns are recommended. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Today we find in craft stores, yarns for amigurumis. They are thinner and sometimes it seems that the work is not paying off, but calm down. The Santa Claus amigurumi is made in stages, each body part is crocheted separately and then we sew and fit all the details. If you still don’t have practice in crocheting, don’t be alarmed. The stitches are not difficult and you can train with the same material over and over again. 

We always recommend reading the entire pattern first, then test the stitches you are unsure about. Do it, undo it, do it again and as soon as you feel safe, it’s time to start crocheting. This Santa Claus will be successful, we are sure. Go to Ravelry to access the pattern. Whether to sell, for yourself or as a gift, there’s not a house that won’t look amazing with Santa Claus amigurumi!

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