For a good night’s sleep invest in the clean trend, creating a clear and cozy environment, see how to decorate a dream room to ensure better nights sleep. Tip 1) In the bedroom, how about leaving out crowded cabinets and swapping for super cool macaws? In the post today we will see more about this subject and you will still be able to learn how to make a beautiful and charming Stringalicious Quilt with the incredible tutorial that we separated.

A good suggestion for those who do not neglect the design down to the smallest detail is the Cabideiro Compasso Trigo which is so beautiful it even looks like a work of art by some modern artist. Tip 2) Abusing hangers like this you will only keep what you really use and you will also have more practicality on a daily basis at the time
to save or choose something.

Tip3) Light colors in the decoration are a good choice to calm the environment and still give a relaxed touch to it, furniture and decorative objects in neutral colors bring an elegant tone to the room and are also companions when calming the spirits after a busy day.

When decorating, invest in white, beige, brown and cream to achieve this light and very beautiful result.

That way you can place color dots on other decorative objects and not leave the room too loaded.

Free Pattern Available: Stringalicious Quilt

Tip 4) Clean & fun: in order not to leave anything boring it is important to dare in some details of the room, a good tip is to guarantee some pillows with geometric prints or frames with touches of more vivid colors, such as light blue, red, orange and yellow, which give a more fun, cheerful and relaxed touch to the environment.

Tip 5) To finish with a zen and very special touch be sure to bring some small plants or flower pots to the room, they will leave everything in harmony and will still give a very beautiful touch to everything.

The plant of the time is the Fern that looks beautiful in any room. With such a cozy room it will be difficult to want to get out of bed, right?

There are many things you can do to sleep better, such as decorating a room that meets your needs for rest.

We at Craft Ideas are working at home to always bring you beautiful patterns and incredible tips, so we ask you to stay home for the same, as we stayed for you, we love you, stay safe! – From the entire Craft Ideas team.

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