Squared Diamond Granny Throw

One style that has been getting more and more attention and conquering people in recent times is the Scandinavian style. With its décor that prioritizes light tones, natural lighting, spaciousness and a personalized and affective touch, it is associated with both clean and minimalist, but with its own characteristics that are unmistakable! In today’s post we will talk a little about this style of decoration that can be applied in every room of the house and that brings not only cozy and relaxing environments, but also super stylish and teach you how to make this wonderful Squared Diamond Granny Throw. Come on!

But where did the Scandinavian style come from?
It began in northern European countries (in the region known as Scandinavia, which encompasses Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Iceland) as early as the twentieth century. The biggest inspiration of this style comes from the decoration of the house of the couple Karin and Carl Larsson, two artists who created a very beautiful and lively modern environment, with many wooden elements, neutral tones, plants and personal touches with handmade decoration.

The main features of Scandinavian style:
1. White as the neutral color par excellence
Here you can not go wrong, in Scandinavian style, white is the main color that brings this touch of elegance and simplicity at the same time in the environment. With the white background, your environment not only gets lighter, it can also look wider, making light diffusion easier.

Free Available Pattern: Squared Diamond Granny Throw

2. Timeless design in your furniture
In the idea of ​​simplicity in the basic elements, the choice of furniture should be made with a guideline: simplicity of shapes. This guideline, in addition to providing more security for shopping and decoration, generally refers to timeless style basic furniture, which can be combined with auxiliary decoration in various styles and colors and will help you a lot in decorating.

3. Wood everywhere
Especially speaking of the light-colored woods, combined with the basic white, they are responsible for a more rustic touch of the environment. Wood brings not only warmth but also a traditional touch to the environment in which it is being used.

4. Pastels palette
In this case, the most common pastels, such as beige and gray, as well as new trends, off-white tones and candy colors make great combinations in the Scandinavian environment. The idea is to think more simply and that’s why the raw tones of wood, leather and wool work very well. The secret is to let your imagination flow.

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