Sleepy Bear Reversible Baby Blanket

You can’t imagine a comfortable crib without a blanket around. This item, besides being very decorative, is fundamental to ensure that good feeling of coziness. And since you need a blanket for your little one, what do you think about betting on the current trend is Sleepy Bear Reversible Baby Blanket? The old thread braiding technique can be used very successfully to make blankets for your baby so he can have a good night’s cozy sleep.

And because it’s a handcrafted piece, you can determine the size, colors and shape that best fits your baby and the decor of your room. To have a crochet blanket in your baby’s room you have two options: buy one ready or venture into the craft world and make your own.

You can find crochet baby blankets on sites like Elo 7 ready and available for purchase, but you still have the possibility to order the piece with a friend, neighbor or relative who dominates the craft, here in our post we will provide the tutorial.

Free Pattern Available: Sleepy Bear Reversible Baby Blanket

Crochet is a unique opportunity to unwind, relax, produce beautiful pieces and, as if that were not enough, you can still get an extra money a month. But for those just starting out, crochet really looks like a seven-headed critter, with all those stitches and graphics in the tutorials. The first thing you need to do as a beginner is to unravel this whole particular universe that involves crochet. There are many things to learn before you even make the first needle loop.

However, don’t be scared. With the right tips and information you will master crochet sooner than you think. And today’s post will give you that buddy incentive by introducing you to this beautiful Sleepy Bear Reversible Baby Blanket that is super easy to do for you to already crochet and acquire skills once you have the needles in your hands.

There are different types of needle that vary in color, size and material. Color and material are more about your personal taste than crochet practice itself. You can choose from metal, aluminum, wood, plastic and rubber cord needles. The size of the needle directly interferes with the final result of the part being produced.

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It’s reversible! This is the back.

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