You know that story that when someone announces that they are expecting a baby, soon after someone in the family starts to knit ?! This is not uncommon indeed, and the technique used may not be exactly knitting but crochet.

So if you are the one who already prepares the needles to start work before the baby arrives, today we will teach you how to make this beautiful Peace Lily Blanket Free Crochet Pattern that fits both the little ones and us.

After all, we all need some blankets, and nothing is more delicate than a piece made from handwork, such as crochet.

Image By: JamaHv

Master the basic elements of crochet. It is not necessary to know all the crochet stitches, but you must know how to do at least one.

If there are other points you have learned and enjoyed, you can incorporate them into your pattern just as basic points are incorporated.

A handmade blanket is an amazing gift for anyone. And nothing better than making it the most beloved technique of all, crochet. You can make it for a birthday gift or for yourself.

Here you can learn how to make a blanket simply and quickly. It is a method that most beginners can learn quickly, as the technique is the same for all parts of the quilt.

Pattern 1: Peace Lily Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern 2: Peace Lily Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern 3: Peace Lily Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Image By: JamaHv
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