Sleep Under the Stars Blanket

Lampshade (from the French abat-jour, which means “to lower the light” or “shade”) is the object that protects the light and attenuates its intensity. In addition to being a great decorative object, the living room lamp is very important when it comes to making the environment more cozy and relaxing (when properly placed and with the appropriate lamp). As a touch of lighting, it highlights colors and details. It is possible to create more than one scenario with these touches of light in the same environment. It is a great option for artificial lighting where natural light is not enough. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Sleep Under the Stars Blanket.

In the market there is an immense variety of models, materials, shapes, types of lamps that can be used, so there is no decoration style that needs to be left out of this object so beloved and so versatile, the lampshade for living room. There is always a space, in some corner that needs to receive a touch of indirect light and its charm.

In the living room, the lamp is usually larger, a piece with greater prominence, with charming domes, they serve as a decorative accessory on the side tables, coffee tables or even stay on the floor in their larger versions giving a very modern touch to the environment. It is impossible not to find the ideal lamp for your room, for your decoration.

Free Pattern Available: Sleep Under the Stars Blanket

If it is just a decorative object, which will occasionally light up just to decorate, there is no need to worry too much about the direction of the light, but there are the functional reading lamps, great companions for the famous “reading corners” that many seek to have today.

They are usually next to a comfortable armchair and create the perfect climate to focus and relax your mind with that good book that we love to read from time to time. But it is necessary to pay attention to the lamp, which in this space should be white, of greater power to help in reading, because otherwise it can relax too much and make the reader fall asleep.

Don’t forget that he will need an outlet near him! Check if it is possible to position it in the desired location, so that there are not many threads appearing, as this visually pollutes the environment and ends up spoiling the decoration. The tip is always to choose a lamp proportional to the size of the room, its function and the place where it will be inserted.

It is interesting to hire a professional for a complete lighting project. Also pay attention to the maintenance of your lampshade for the living room, each material needs certain care, so check with the manufacturer or the store that sold you the correct way to clean it, for example, because the right ways to clean a lamp.

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