Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square

The year 2019 will arrive full of news in the area of ​​decoration and the new color trend should be striking, strong and intense. If you are looking to renovate your home, you will need to stay on top of everything. The Pantone Color Institute, (responsible for the well-known “Color of the Year”), has not hit the hammer yet, but it is already in the definition phase, and added that it is very likely that the colors we will talk about next will be chosen by many decorators. for 2019 residential projects. There were two highlighted palettes: Classic and Cravings. They marked the return of the classic style, but with super incredible tones. in this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square.

And to bring you a lot of inspiration, let’s take a look at this post especially to show you the new color trend for 2019. Color trends: burgundy. It may even be that red means passion, but burgundy is also very passionate and intense and that’s why it was chosen. It leaves the look elegant, refined and beautifully sophisticated. Even though it is a color that passes for sobriety, it leaves the room with a warm and welcoming look.

Color trend: bluish green. The perfect “mix”. A color that carries sobriety, but because it brings to mind the elements connected to nature, it ends up becoming light and fitting in a graceful way in the internal areas of the house, it is an excellent choice and will leave the environment with a special touch. The tranquility comes because of the bluish, which mixed with the green softens the tone and brings a sense of peace.

Free Pattern Available: Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square

Color trend: gray flannel. More than a sober tone, gray is also neutral and ends up going well with everything, so it is a very chosen color. He has endured several seasons and remains in fashion. This color has long ceased to be considered sad and depressing, far from it.

Currently with its brand new backgrounds, which tend to warmer tones, it is a super suitable choice to make environments more welcoming. Color trends: cappuccino. Cappuccino is another neutral color option that ends up being a wild card for rooms that need more comfort, such as living rooms or bedrooms and can be the favorite of coffee lovers.

This color creates a peaceful look and looks great when placed in an entire room. You can risk that you will not go wrong, it will leave the environment with a very beautiful special touch. Color trend: chocolate. It is quite interesting how all the colors that resemble some type of food end up bringing people a sensory experience.

In the case of chocolate, it is impossible not to have a pleasant, pleasant and warm feeling. Not to mention that it is an intense and vibrant color that brings more personality to the decoration and makes everything more beautiful. Color trend: pepper. Daring is the word that sums up this color well.

We know that all the nuances of red are very original and striking, but the strongest stimulate eyes and taste. For having these characteristics, they are colors that need to be used with great care to not leave the look exaggerated, so pay attention to that.

Color trends: damask. Following the same idea of ​​stimulating feelings of pleasure, the apricot also fits perfectly. For those who don’t really like the more accentuated shades of red, damask is an alternative to follow the palette without daring too much. This color is tempting and seductive with its intense yet soft hue, and that is one of the reasons why it is so chosen.

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