Scrappy Strippy Chevron Quilt

Led lamps play an important role in decorating an environment, so it is ideal to follow a lighting project. A wrong type of lamp can distort the perception of space and devalue objects and walls. Thinking about leaving your home well lit, we prepared tips on how to choose led lamps and the pattern of a beautiful Scrappy Strippy Chevron Quilt for you to make at your home during this quarantine period to pass the time. Led lamps have a wide variety of uses. They are considered sustainable because they save between 75% and 95% energy compared to halogen lamps.

Another very positive factor is the durability of LED lamps that reach up to 10 years, which is of great help. It is necessary to be aware that led lamps differ in color and intensity, so that your choice can enhance the decor or disharmonize the environment. There are several forms of lighting, the light can be used punctually, in the lamp, and in the environment in a direct or even indirect way.

Direct light is the one that covers the entire environment, while indirect light is softer and serves to acclimate, both help a lot to illuminate the environment. For each lighting effect, a specific type of led lamp is required.

Free Pattern Available: Scrappy Strippy Chevron Quilt

For rooms, for example, a yellow or green lamp is needed, as the white ones are cold and do not transmit the feeling of warmth to the environment, which does not help. In addition, the yellow light enhances the decoration of the environment and the decorative elements present in it. The led lamps can be on lighting strips that are used on shelves or headboards in the rooms.

On the other hand, for more dynamic environments, the ideal is to use white LED lamps. Because they are indicated for laundries, commercial spaces, bathrooms, balconies and kitchens. In addition, white leaves the environment clean and gives the feeling of cleanliness to the walls, floor and ceiling, which will help you a lot. In addition to choosing the most suitable led lamp for the environment, it is necessary to install it so that it is functional and generates comfort.

There is a device that helps in regulating the light intensity that the lamps emit, so that the light intensity adapts to different environments. Bedrooms and living rooms can count on the lamp, a functional decorative object that leaves the atmosphere charming and still helps a lot with the lighting. They can even replace direct light during reading, but should always be installed close to the sofa and the headboard.

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