Scrappy Rail Fence Block Quilt

Lacquered furniture was widely used in the 70s and 80s, but now they have returned with everything and are guaranteed presence in several decorated environments. But do you know what lacquered furniture is? Or do you know how to invest in these furniture models to decorate your home? Then follow our decorating tips with lacquered furniture and learn how to make a wonderful Scrappy Rail Fence Block Quilt. Check out! Many people have doubts about what lacquered furniture is or even what lacquer is, well, lacquer is a type of finish used in furniture and this finish leaves the surface very smooth and without any texture.

Lacquer is a type of painting that can make furniture more resistant, and this painting is characterized by being in several layers and can have a glossy or matte finish. Advantages of lacquered furniture, one of the main advantages of lacquered furniture is that they can be found in different colors, which is great for investing in different decoration styles and will help you a lot when decorating your home.

But in addition, lacquered furniture also has more advantages that you will see below. Resistance, Unlike traditional paints, the lacquer has a greater thickness, which ends up protecting the wood from the furniture and making it more resistant, one of the biggest reasons for everyone wanting to lacquer their furniture.

Free Pattern Available: Scrappy Rail Fence Block Quilt

Variety, another great advantage of this type of finish is that it can be applied to any type of wood, but in addition, the lacquer can also be applied to materials such as glass, iron and even metal, which can help you a lot to conserve your furniture. Finishes, As already mentioned, the lacquered furniture besides being found in different colors, they can also have two types of finishes, matte or glossy.

Well, as you can see, lacquered furniture can be a great advantage to decorate your home, or even to redesign that old furniture that is there in your home and leave it with a more modern and brand new face, practical, quick and easy. It is common to be afraid of lacquering furniture because although it is easy it is a very time-consuming process, which ends up causing fear.

If you are afraid of damaging any piece of furniture, it is advisable to take some pieces to train. The lacquered furniture is beautiful, it guarantees a special touch to the decoration of different environments, however, over time it can start to lose its shine and even create some stains, which makes it lose some of its charm, so, next we will give you some tips on how to clean lacquered furniture.

One of the main tips on how to clean lacquered furniture is to wipe with a dry and soft cloth daily, thus avoiding the accumulation of dust and once a week, wipe with a cloth moistened in a mixture with water and mild soap, this alone will help you a lot . So you avoid the accumulation of dust and your furniture is always clean. To make the furniture even brighter, it is possible to use a colorless silicone-based furniture polish, and one way to clean lacquered furniture and prevent it from being at risk is to use a soft bristle brush to remove dust from the hinges.

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