Can you have a modern and colorful room at the same time? Yes, and here we teach you how! Tip 1) Mixing is good, just be careful. When choosing a rug, always think about the mixture of colors and shapes. If you opted for a colorful and shape-filled carpet, the best option for the sofa is a more neutral color, such as gray, white or black, so as not to make the room too loaded. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Scrappy Four Patch Charm Quilt.

Tip 2) Do you want to adhere to the geometric trend in the decoration of the room to make it more fun and do not know how? For those who are not experts on the subject, it is always good to start by placing small accessories or smaller furniture in the decoration and mixing it with others that are more neutral.

Start with a more colorful and shaped wallpaper, a cooler center table or different patterned pillows, this will already help you a lot. So you will get more confidence to build the decoration with the trends that best match your style.

Tip 3) If you want a modern and charming room invest in good design elements for your decor! To give a final touch invest in asymmetric paintings and with different illustrations, enjoy this touch and show off your good taste for art!

Free Pattern Available: Scrappy Four Patch Charm Quilt

In addition to showing their Arty side, the frames can match the mix of pillows and everything is in sync due to the similar color palettes, professional trick and incredibly works; that will help you and a lot to give that more cheerful and relaxed touch to your home decor! Tip 4) Put positive design into practice.

Positive design is basically bringing together colorful elements in the same environment, but always thinking about the colors that complement each other and make a “feng shui” of positivity and optimism to the environment, making it more relaxed, happy and much more comfortable for anyone who is visit you and also you and those who live with you.

Start with sofas and armchairs colored in pastel tones so as not to load the decoration so much that this completely spoils it and start implementing pillows, rugs and paintings with more vibrant colors according to these tones and nuances to make the environment much more cheerful. Then just play with the colors!

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