Royal Touch Crochet

A look that pops into your eyes. This is the effect of 3D wallpaper, one of the great news in the world of decoration and that promises to change the face of your home environments in an original, simple and inexpensive way. The application of 3D wallpaper is very simple and can be done by yourself, eliminating the use of specialized labor. But before buying yours it is important to pay attention to some details. Want to know what they are? So keep following this post that we will give you tips for applying 3D wallpaper and teach you how to make a beautiful Royal Touch Crochet. Check out:

What is it and how to use 3D wallpaper
The three-dimensional effect of this type of wallpaper is achieved through a play of light and shadow on the pattern itself. This effect causes an optical illusion, giving a sense of depth to the drawing and making it stand out on the wall. Black, white and gray are the colors that most enhance the 3D effect as we already know and, therefore, are the most common colors of this type of wallpaper.

This predominance of neutral tones in the prints of 3D wallpapers means that they can be used in different types of decoration to suit most of them. But don’t get carried away with the effect to the point of wanting to spread 3D drawings all over the walls of the house.

Pattern Available: Royal Touch Crochet

Precisely because it has this power to impact the look of the environment, 3D wallpapers should be used sparingly, especially those with strong prints that are more tiring for the eyesight and may even cause vertigo. For living rooms, the tip is to use the cladding on the TV wall replacing the use of the panel. But if the design is very striking, prefer to use it on an opposite wall or behind the sofa so that the environment is not overloaded with the decoration. Some print suggestions for the living room are bricks, wood and stones.

In the dining room, the tendency is to use the 3D effect on the wall next to the table with the intention of enhancing this space. Prefer the prints in light and soft tones to make the place more cozy and welcoming instead of making it heavy with more vibrant colors. 3D wallpapers with natural landscapes are also welcome for this type of environment. In the bedrooms avoid using wallpapers with 3D effect on the wall in front of the bed.

This recommendation is important to avoid causing visual discomfort or even disturbing the moment of rest. The same tip applies to baby and toddler rooms. Damp rooms like the kitchen and bathroom can also receive the 3D effect, but in this case choose the stickers instead of the paper which are more resistant and durable for this type of environment since water can erode the normal 3D wallpaper.

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