Rainbow Puff Hexagon

The sconce is a wall lamp, which aims to provide cosiness, sophistication in various environments. The sconces are perfect to give that special touch to the environment, but they are only a support lighting. It is not recommended to light a room with sconces alone, as lighting would probably not be enough. Sconces are a great lighting resource. In a lighting project for a residence, the presence of this device to assist in the lighting of an environment is essential. Most of the time the sconces emit indirect light in a room or space. In this post you will learn more about this subject and learn how to make a beautiful Rainbow Puff Hexagon.

That is, they depend on a parallel surface to reflect the lighting. The wall light with indirect lighting is perfect for enhancing a coating, for example. To define the type of sconce that is perfect for you, it is necessary to evaluate the activities that will be performed and that depend on this lighting, so pay attention to this. Analyze the time spent in the environment and if you want to create any points of interest.

On the market you can find sconces suitable for external and internal areas, which differ mainly by the material that covers the lamp. External sconces are more resistant to temperature variation and rain, which helps a lot. The internal sconces are more decorative and should not be on the outside of a house.

Free Pattern Available: Rainbow Puff Hexagon

There is a wide variety of sconce models, either internal or external, which will give you many options to choose from. The most traditional models are square ones, but you can find sconces with round shapes, with children’s drawings, classic, with dome like a lamp, with crystals like a chandelier, sconces similar to emergency exit etc.

There is a tendency to place sconces on TV panels, to give an extra charm to the environment, and this works very well giving an incredible touch to everything. However, it is necessary that no sconces illuminate the television screen, as there will be a reflection that will impair vision. Sconces can have a very functional activity, such as lighting the marking of stairs, corridors and doors.

It is important to note that in the bedroom, even at the height of the nightstand, the sconce does not serve as a reading light. In general the lighting of a sconce is not enough, the ideal is that the reading lighting is strong and directed so that it helps when you are in the mood to read a book. By default the installation height of the sconces is proportional to the right foot, we indicate the following: place the sconces between 2 m and 2.20 for a right foot between 2.50 and 2.70 m.

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