Currently, when looking for a property to rent or buy, it is extremely common to come across much smaller dormitories than expected. The reduction of these rooms in the plans of the most recent developments is mainly explained by the presence of the much venerated gourmet veranda. As a result, users of these properties have faced many limitations to combine comfort, aesthetics and functionality. That’s when smart decoration solutions and tips on how to make the best use of space are needed. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make an amazing Pond Lap Blanket.

In a small double bedroom, this challenge is even greater, as the environment should house two people and their respective belongings, in addition to decorative and esteem objects, which may not be easy. Ideally, it should be a room in the house where you can perform several different tasks, such as reading, relaxing, sleeping, studying, dating and even working. All this with comfort, warmth and practicality.

That is why it is important to invest in decorating a small double bedroom. The central piece of furniture in every double room is the bed, which, even though it was designed as a place where the couple could “spread out”, should be of standard size in the case of small dorms, so be aware of that.

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The proper headboard is also the one that will take as little space as possible, preferably of the panel type, installed next to the wall. The bed to be adopted in this case must be the box, which to optimize the space, may have drawers or chest at the bottom to also help in the organization. Good joinery is certainly an essential element when the problem is a lack of space. Combined with the good use of the walls and planned according to the needs of the couple, it will result in organization, versatility and functionality.

The clothes closet, for example, should have sliding doors, because in addition to being functional, they increase the feeling of spaciousness if they are made of mirrors, which I have always been an ally in that purpose. This material can also be applied on the sides of the bed, above the created ones, or even on an entire wall, creating the same illusion of a larger environment. However, it is important to note that for this “trick” to work, walls, floors and ceilings must be given light colors. The recommendation is that there is no exaggeration of colors or details.

They should be reserved for items that can be easily replaced, such as bedding, pillows and decorative objects, so pay attention to this detail. Even small, a practical and comfortable room should have a minimum circulation space of 60 cm around the bed. Thus, it is certain that its inhabitants will find it easier to walk as well as to perform all tasks, including cleaning.

Even with some limitations, decorating a small double bedroom can and should be interesting and inviting. For this, both functional and aesthetic issues must be taken into account. Allied, they will certainly guarantee comfort, well-being and quality of life to its users and the decoration of the room itself.

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