How good it is to combine good things with beautiful and pleasant things, like what happens with decorated bottles. This type of craftsmanship manages to bring together in one stroke only characteristics such as sustainability, low price, originality, decoration and functionality. That is, with a single bottle you decorate the house in a creative and exclusive way, spending little and helping to reduce the garbage that would end up in nature, not to mention that making crafts is a great therapy, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Origami Blanket.

Decorated bottles can still be an excellent alternative for generating extra income, since you can make them to sell. On websites such as online shopping, for example, it is possible to buy and sell decorated bottles at prices ranging from $ 1.91 to $ 21.52, in the case of purchasing a trio of bottles.

For all these reasons, we dedicate today’s post exclusively to decorated bottles. You will see below tips to start your production of decorated bottles, you can decorate them the way you want with what you want, just use your creativity and let your imagination fly.

Free Pattern Available: Origami Blanket

Tips for making decorated bottles
Clean and sanitize the bottle very well. This is important for the adherence of materials in the bottle and also to ensure that odors and dirt do not interfere with the decoration, so everything will go as expected. There are a multitude of different jobs you can do to decorate bottles, from painting to bladders. But it is important to focus on one or the other, so you have acquired experience in the technique you have chosen and improve the work, in addition, it facilitates the process of buying, storing and using the items needed for crafts.

Try to keep a specific place in the house to make your decorated bottles, so that organization and cleaning are easier after making them. It is also worth remembering that it is important to cover the surface of the place where the work will be carried out on the bottles, especially if you are mixing with glue and paint. Both glass and plastic bottles can be used for decoration. Transparent ones offer the greatest decorative possibilities.

Be careful when handling glass bottles and if you choose techniques that require cutting the bottles, the most recommended is to look for a specialized place in the material, such as glass. Glass bottles are also very interesting options for decorating birthday and wedding parties, so invest in this public profile also if you make bottles to sell. Another tip is to work with themed decorated bottles, such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other holidays. You increase your sales potential that way. Now that you know all this, how about taking a look at some youtube tutorials?

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