Blindex glass is more resistant than traditional glass, adopted in some spaces where there is more risk of breakage, such as the bathroom stall, doors and windows. Because it is up to five times more resistant, it is very useful, since it prevents accidents. But that means that there are other precautions that need to be taken on a daily basis and during the cleaning process. Despite being more resistant, blindex is not “unbreakable”. Its production is made with tempera, through heat treatment. In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Rainbow Edged Granny Square.

Do you have this type of glass in your home? Find out how you can clean it without shortening its useful life or risk damaging the material, after all, we don’t want that to happen: Blindex glass has some advantages when compared to ordinary glass. Among the main ones that make it the first choice for most people, are: This type of glass resists impacts and temperature variations better.

Despite being superior in quality and resistance, luxury glass has a price very close to ordinary glass. In case of breakage the blindex does not create sharp pieces that can hurt and cause accidents. Shatters into smaller, slightly sharp pieces for easy cleaning.

Free Pattern Available: Rainbow Edged Granny Square

To clean the luxury glass you will need:

Glass cleaner;
White Vinegar;
Cotton cloths;
Soft sponge;
Automotive wax;
Neutral detergent;

In the external areas, start by passing a dust cloth or duster all over the glass. If you choose the cloth, it should be soft, to avoid blindex scratches, we don’t want to be looking at those annoying scratches. Prepare a mixture of half water and half neutral detergent and add one tablespoon of vinegar and one of alcohol. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture you prepared all over the glass and let it act for a few minutes before taking it out. 5 to 10 is enough. Be careful not to do this process when the sun is hitting the window or door, as there is a chance of staining. Use a soft cloth moistened with water to remove the mixture from the glass. Finish with a dry cloth. You should rub it until the glass is transparent again.

The bathroom stall gives a little more work to clean, since it is always in contact with water. To avoid limestone stains, it is recommended to clean the box more frequently and while it is still wet. Turn on the shower and wet the whole luxury shower. Then soak a sponge in vinegar and carefully rub all over the glass. Let it sit for about ten minutes. Finish by rinsing with the shower water.

You can’t let it dry alone. Take a soft cloth and dry the whole box. For this step to be faster, wrap the cloth in a squeegee and go through the luxury shower. As the box is more likely to stain, you can use automotive wax to your advantage. After drying the box, apply a layer of wax along its entire length. The goal is to create a protective layer that can even help reduce the frequency of cleaning the luxury glass in the bathroom. Now that you know all of this, are you ready to clean your blindex?

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