Lighting and decoration are apparently distinct stages of house planning, but in the end they come together in one big partnership. The right light enhances the decorative design, just as the decoration values ​​the lighting, that is, a pair that is completed without giving up functionality and aesthetics. And because it’s so important inside a house that we decided to dedicate today’s post to talking only about light fixtures, more specifically about ceiling fixtures. Ceiling lamps are the most common and used. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful omg crochet c2c crochet.

Reasons for this include price, ease of installation and practicality. Not to mention that ceiling light is almost always responsible for the overall illumination of the environment in which it is used, even if you have light coming from the floor or wall. But not all ceiling lamps are the same, there are different models and each one applies to a specific situation, so you should research well before choosing one. Get to know each one and find out which one fits your lighting and decoration project best:

Pendant lamps
Pendant lamps are the icing on the cake in the decoration. Besides contributing to the lighting of the place, they still have a huge weight in the look of the environment. Therefore it is important to choose them carefully so as not to make mistakes.

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Before buying a pendant lamp it is important to pay attention to the design and colors, as it will be evident in the decoration and, therefore, must harmonize with the whole environment. Hanging luminaires are ideal for creating spotlights in the environment and the lower they are installed, the more targeted they will be providing a lighting centered at certain points. Therefore, this type of luminaire turns out to be a great solution to enhance lighting.

You can use pendant lamps over the kitchen countertop for easy meal preparation, over the dining table to make it more pleasant or on the sides of the bed, over the nightstands, to enhance the light for reading, for example. Another important tip is to pay attention to the material with which the pendant lamp was made. Translucent luminaires, usually made of fabric, glass or cast type allow light to propagate through the environment providing incredible lighting.

Metal luminaires, for example, direct light downward, as this type of material does not allow light to pass through. Therefore, if you want fully focused and focused lighting choose a metal luminaire, but if the intention is to make the light more diffused by the environment, the translucent options are the most suitable. And what is the best room in the house to use pendant lamps? All! Even in the bathroom the pendants are beautiful. Once you know all this, you are ready to use pendant lights in your home.

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